1 Signs from Heavens

Elija has been waiting for that time of the week where he gets to relax, where he gets to unleash his thoughts , where he gets to do anything but, work, sleep and eat. to him that was what he did in his life. it was boring. it was fulfilling at the same time. so when the weekend comes he does anything other than that.

he gets waisted.

"would you please calm down inko I'm just going to go take a shot or two then come back home and sleep for the next day, ok? can you just leave me be, I have been trapped in the office for a while and I need to steam off, can you go find something else to do other than worry about me as if I am a baby?" he says looking at his other friend yanek who was stealing the contents of his fridge sneakily while Elija was talking on the phone. he pinches the bridge of his nose.

"I'll see you sunday inko goodbye." Elija says before ending the call his friend on the other line didn't get to say what was on their mind because of his rushed action and that was what Inko was used to anyway. "loy yanek, leave my fridge alone you maniac." Elija said rushing to his side.

Yanek was leaning against the fridge with a smudge look on his face. Leaning towards the fruits in there looking at Elija as if to wait for his reaction. he wanted his attention and that was his own was of worrying for his friend.

"if I leave it alone will you take me to the club with ya?" the boy said holding the food hostage. he wanted to go with his friend because he knows that when he says he will have two drinks, it means he will wake up with a hangover the next day.

"no, aren't you underage or something?" Elija says grabbing the food and stacking it in the fridge where it belonged. He didn't look at his friend as he finished stacking the food. He stayed there looking at the fridge for a while. the contents of the fridge were missing and he was deciding whether to comment on it or leave it be.

"excuse me I just turned one like a month ago." the boy said offended, wasn't he there in the birthday he asked himself, only to realize that Elija was yet again stuck in the office on that day too. he forgave him when he said he was too busy to attend. after all yanek couldn't begin to imagen what its like to have a job, but sometimes it made him sad that his older friend wasn't there to celebrate the day he was born.

"well no yanek, I want to be alone." Elija says as he finally closes the fridge door and glares at the boy after. as if he hadn't been spending the rest of his days alone. is it satisfying to the point that you always need it and crave it? and to think that he is not the type of person to like being alone made Yanek even more confused.

"well can you at least get yourself a girl while your at it , ya know just so your not alone , you know what I'm saying." yanek says only to stop himself after due to the death glare Elija had on his tired face. "oh , by the way, mum kicked me out again so I'm gonna have to stay here for the night, so don't bring anyone over." he says as he opens the fridge door, grabbing an apple and eating it as he walks to the couch.

Elija sees yanek laying on his favorite couch . his blood boils as he runs towards the boy attempting to lecture him about what he always says when yanek comes over. "how many times do I have to tell you to take off your shoes before.......you know what, I'm not gonna argue I am going out and that is final." he said trying to follow inkos order about controlling his temper.

Elija storms across the door and opens it harshly then steps out and closes the door with all his strength to show how mad he was, after he was satisfied he starts walking to be pushed back, only then does he realize his scarf has been caught by the door. he hears yanek laughing as the scarf is visible from the inside. it was choking him, suffocating him, and that prick was laughing about it.

he just grumpily opens the door and pulls the scarf around his neck then storms away not bothering to close the door this time. anger never was good on him anyway.

as he walks in the icy streets he can see his breath racing him away, Elija didn't have a car , he couldn't afford one, but he was satisfied as long as he did what he did and got an earing that he could survive off of. he was worried about his friend who always seems to be at his doorstep after being kicked out of his house, he shakes his head laughing quietly at yanek, he hopes one day the kid would not end up like him.

after finally arriving at the bar entrance he stands along the line with other people. the weather seems to be colder tonight out of all the days. it was so cold he couldn't feel his hands . I need a heavy drink he said to himself thinking if he was numb and didn't feel anything he would be happy, although he couldn't numb his emotions.

he averts his gaze from his hands only to look up and see a lady staring at him. she had honey brown eyes, and a small button nose that was red because of the cold. her hair roots were brown but she had blond highlights at the edge the chemicals on it made it look dull and unhealthy instead of sheen and shiny. it made her look lazy but daring and energetic at the same time.

he gets startled at the proximity of their bodies so as he tries to back up, he slips on ice then falls.

"oh my god that hurts" he says pretty sure that its gonna bruise later on. as people ignore him and pass by him taking his place in the waiting line he groans as he finds himself standing a few feets away from the bar. they stepped on his hands multiple time while he was on the ground he had to put ice on that.

soon he was able to get into the club, he didn't wait for an invitation as he went straight to the bar and ordered a drink. he spins his chair to look at the dance floor. he looks beside him to find that girl who was in front of him at the queue.

"well what a coincidence, I thought meeting a pretty lady like you was a miracle but turns out I'm lucky enough to meet her twice." he said still looking at the dance floor. he was irritated at her and he was going to show it somehow. he just had to start a conversation first.

"oh, it's you, I'm sorry about what happened back their, it looked like a nasty fall." she says holding in her laughter which made Elijas eyes blink in anger as he tries to hold it in. she had a drink in her hand and she was scanning the crowd too. as she talked she didn't look at Elija.

he then chuckles and gets of the chair to face her "oh, yeah it was, I would have beaten you up if you weren't a pretty lady." rolling his sleeves as if ready to do so, but we all know he wasn't joking.

"but what if I was ugly." she says taking a sip of her drink and facing the dance floor. she didn't know what she was saying, she wasn't even fully focused on the conversation. she was still doing what she did a moment ago, scanning the crowd her mind working on something Elija couldn't pinpoint.

" depends , can you take a beating, I'm a tough man but I can forgive , besides mistakes happen. and I don't discriminate. if a man can take a hit a woman can do so too. so what do you say? " he says and as soon as he gets her attention he laughs and extends his hand for her to shake. "names Elija."

"Choi Dalphine "she says as she shakes his hands. she looks at him this time. taking away the thoughts in her mind was the man in front of her, he has her attention now, she choose to talk to him now.

" this is actually the first time I'm interested in starting a conversation since most of my friends are socially awkward idiots ." Elija says returning to his seat. What was sad was that he didn't realize that his friend yanek was worrying about him at home.

"they say I should feel special but I'm actually here to feel the opposite. I wanna feel ordinary for once. Before everything changes in my life." the woman said leaning towards her cup to take the third sip this time.

"your unique. And besides, what is going to change in your life anyway. Life is always going to stay cruel. But don't take it from a skeptical guy like me. I feel like maybe your different in a way that makes you fit in perfectly. So, do you wanna have a drink with me or nah? " Elija says actually and genuinely finding her interesting. he has a way of captivating people and they always fall for his trap.

"very well, lets start then. First drinks on me. " she says laughing while facing the man sitting on the chair. she knew he wasn't the type to dance so she didn't offer besides ,she prefers getting the chance to talk to him.

the night flies by as he talks to her. Light headed lying on the counter as he stares at her. It seemed like this was the only thing he could do. he could hardly move his neck. his perspective of what was in front of him now was just a potential friend, and he couldn't move to look into the situation any better, for he wasn't in control of it anyway.

" I mean don't get me wrong but you really need to appreciate your friends more Elija. I feel like they're just looking out for you." she looks down at the time while talking then looks back up at Elija.

"of course I know they mean no harm. But I think I can do things on my own . Sometimes they just like to boss me around like they know what's best for me but I think I know myself well enough to get to do that. and I don't need advice on this and that I know I mess up quiet often and if you point it out it makes me feel like I'm an idiot for at least not trying to hide my mistakes." he says thinking of the few friends he's talking about.

every hour he takes three shots. he didn't feel anything around him even more. that's what he wanted , that's what he got. he couldn't hear himself as he talked, he didn't see her looking around as if she was waiting for something. he didn't feel the drink running down his cheeks.

"your here alone, yeah?" she asks tucking hair behind her ears. This must've been because she was nervous. She was starting to show it too. she was moving around her chair too much it made her seem like she was uncomfortable when in fact she wasn't.

"yeah" he says.

"let me get you another drink then" she says.

And he would drink, although he had everything, he couldn't help but feel lonely for some reason, it's why he drinks in the first place , to forget the fact that he feels lonely. then he remembers yaneks words about having a girl help him through life.

he looked at Dalphine she was patting his back. was he really the type of person to always rely on people? yeah he was and he didn't find a problem with that until they start to leave him. she looked sober but he was too drunk to realize what he was saying.

" hey can I have your phone number?" he askes.

she then falls silent and stops patting his back. for a moment he thought she was going to reject him so he fell silent to see her reaction, she had a distant look on her face. it was evident she was hesitating.

Elija was about to tell her to forget about it but she pulls out her phone towards him. She seemed in a rush for him to do that she offered it to him holding both her hand his way. he looked at the phone then looked at her. then he took the phone in his hands. and for some reason the phone felt so cold in his hands. but he shrugged it of saying it was just the weather.

he looked at the phone blinking twice until he realized he was supposed to put his number in there. he tries opening the phone but there was a password. Elija chuckles as he sees that the girl hasn't even opened her phone for him to put his number.

"haha, you forgot to open the phone silly." he says as he looks up.

only to find her gone.

he looks around panicking, he might have been drunk but she couldn't have disappeared like that. he gets up from his seat to go look for her as he stumbles, he leans on peoples shoulders for support but it was so crowdy that no one noticed. his head was spinning he couldn't see her, on the phone there was a picture of her on the screen so he went around asking the people and the bartenders but no one knows her, nor saw her before.

he then gets out of the club from the back door, maybe she was there? but there was no one. out of desperation he called her name. he felt like she was one of the few people that understood him but what does he know its only been three hours since he'd known her. he thought maybe she just didn't like the conversation and left, but that's weird since she left her phone.

he then looks at the trash can next to him and suddenly had the urge to vomit , and so he does that at the trash can. after he had enough he then sat in a corner of the alleyway. he hears vibration coming from the girls phone. the id of the person was an unknown number. thinking maybe someone was trying to reach her he picked the phone up to decide.

maybe it could be her looking for her phone. at that thought he answers the phone without hesitating. the world around him stopes, for real, the phone stops vibrating the plastic bags running around stopped moving. the air got denser and the pressure was unbearable for anyone to witness.

"hello? this is not Dalphine, obviously, but if your looking for her I don't know where she is. she left the phone here with me so if you wanna contact her please go ahead but on the number ill give you right now." he said still hoping it was her talking.

he then hears no answer. he starts standing up to focus on the call when suddenly something falls behind him really hard, its as if a piano just did. when he looks down all he sees is the condensing unit of an air conditioner, which fell somewhere near where he was sitting.

he looks at it , his eyes wide, he was a meter away from death. how did he manage to get out. pure luck it is. next thing he know he hears someone. " are you okay?" they ask. before Elija can reply the voice asks the same question again but with a louder tone. like it's an eco but the difference is that it keeps getting louder and louder and louder, and he couldn't see anyone approaching. he could only see a shadow of a person.

"I'm ok, where are you though?" Elija says getting annoyed. this night could have gone better but at least he didn't die just a moment ago. out of nowhere the voice started screaming really hard as if someone was getting tortured.

"oh my god." he said as he couched down in case someone was planning to come for him next, he put his hand on his ears disturbed by the sound.

Then it stops.

And instead an unbearable sound ,that any human being wouldn't bear hearing, comes attacking him that even the people in the club heard it as the glasses shattered. And everyone covered their ears too.

Elija falls on the floor shouting. his lungs could be damaged ,but his ears are bleeding. his nerves were shaking ,but he was staying still. his exposure to this voice changed not only his physical form which was now in ruins , but it also mentally drained him. he looks at the phone to see that the call has ended.

He takes his hand off of his ears to notice that the voice is gone. He then takes the phone with him and runs back home.

That day.

That day was the only time the world wasn't against him. it was actually trying to warn him. the accident where his scarf got stuck, the cold weather purposely there to stop him , the time he fell down, his friend staying at his place, everything gave him a reason but he ignored it.

He chose this.

He chose to ask for her phone number. he chose to get in this mess. it was not a gift bestowed upon him it was a curse and the only similarity between them was that you can never get rid of your fate once you've been persevered with it.

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