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Unknown Entity "7110"


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Name: Kuro Shinihami Age: 18 Overall backround... Kuro shinigami is a teenage boy, studying at Kantai national highschool, standing 5'11" and weighs 168kg... He is the President of the schools student council, and a member of Math club in which he's also the president... He speaks in a cold, emotionless, dark yet creepy and eerie voice and doesn't talk that much to people... He lives in a apartment given to him by late Kuro Shouko after his "arrival" on earth May 19 2012, making that his birthday... He possess a High IQ, Strong body, Long hair and a "Phone" of unknown brand, technology, year and origin... He also possess a list of people who died... And a list of souls who will be born again in near future... Or that's how it's supposed to be...


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