1 1 Incomplete Reincarnation

"Hey! Sleepy head wake up!"

She said before kicking me from the bed

I put my hand in the side of my head as a support to my body as I stand up and my the pain response came late

"Thats hurts!"

"Its your fault for not waking up earlier when I am waking you up"

"Huh!What time is it?"

"It's 9:30 your late from your school!"

I walk up hurriedly, getting my uniform, and going to shower while brushing my teeth.

Damn! I'm late. Maybe if I did not finished that game I might not woke up late I said in my head as I reminiscing how addicting it was while getting my bag and eating a bread.

"I'm going now."

"Hurry up your late"

I said while opening the door.

I run all I got but then I felt something penetrate my head before my vision blackening out.

While he died his soul got suck in a spatial crack making it soul leave the universe and making the soul deteriorated by the void. Before it completely destroyed a crack is created in the void while a being is being push out of it while it happening the soul is suck by the crack.

The soul is transferred in a 4 year old orphan.


Another plane

A child running when he bump into a rich looking young man.

"You beggar! how dare you to dirty my body"

as he signal one of his bodyguards to hold his body and covered the child mouth with a cloth

"Remember, This is for offending the young master of Glas family" whisper by one of the bodyguards into his ear. He was abused by that prideful noble until he passed out. The child is thrown out in the forest and one of the bodyguards leave a food and a pill for healing.

While the child is unconscious the soul of the child is being unstable mutating it form to a formless from the appearance of a 10 years old boy.



the child scream from the pain brought from the injuries he got from the abuse. He stop screaming in pain and showed a confused expression.

"Where am I?"

He said looking at the surrounding before his body.

"Why is my body like this?"

He said before his head hurts showing the memories of what happened in 6 years.

"I died?"

he said while feeling sad. He tried to remember his sister but no image show in his thought.

Why does I don't remember my family so does my friend?

He realized that that's not the only thing he doesn't remember.

Anyway where am I?

He said in his mind as he saw the brown colored pill and the food in the ground

"At least they have consciences "

He says while remembering the abuse he got

He ate the food while remembering what the use of the pill on the ground

"Oh! A healing pill like those on the novels"

He says while trying to remember the content and the name of the novel but nothing showed up.

He swallow the pill feeling warm as he stand up.

"Its dawn now"

He said while looking at the sun going down

Gonna find a shelter before it completely dark

He said in is mind to distract himself to lessen the pain from the injury

"Its definitely healing in abnormal rate"

He said while looking in his injuries healing in fast enough to see the changes.

He stands up when his injuries are completely healed

"Gonna find a place to sleep"

He said while he thinks of a protagonist going in a cave that is had immortal heritance

I wish I'm lucky as those protagonist

He said in his mind while he look for a place to stay for the night

After searching for a while the place is completely dark he saw a stone that is glowing near the cliff

"This is?"

He said while going in the place where the stone is glowing. He pick it and teleported to a place where there are only a book in the middle of the cave and glowing moss in the walls of the cave

He felt his stomach upset before trying to stop vomiting

"Definitely teleportation."

He stand up and saw a book

"Maybe I'm lucky like those protagonist"

He saw the warning and tried to read it before giving up.

"I'm definitely illiterate"

he touch the book while its content is directly inserted in his mind before turning in to the dust and the warning disappeared mysteriously

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