Universe Tales: Virtual Log of the Fallen OneUniverse Tales: Virtual Log of the Fallen One

Universe Tales: Virtual Log of the Fallen One

by xxAlter

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Universe Tales. The new VRMMORPG that supported the Full Dive system with the game's settings boasting a 99% likeness to reality. Enter Maria Heltania, a smart and bright high school girl who's unfortunately directionally and technologically challenged. Being forced by her best friend to play the new VRMMO Universe Tales, she decides to be an Angel. Only to be met with misfortune right from the start because of her unique habits, what more lucky or unlucky events could possibly fall upon this young girl? "Uhh...Little Miss, I don't think this is the Quest Location." "No! This is definitely the place!" "...but we're in the middle of a battlefield..." "The map clearly said-- Oh wait...it's upside down...or maybe right side up...?" "..." ****** NOTICE: I do not own the Cover Art! If the original creator wants me to take it down, please notify me quickly! If you'd like to support me for more chapter releases, here's the link to my Patreon! https://patreon.com/xxAlter

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