1 Invitation

Another messy day… You thought reincarnated would become something good, but it's not. Outside, you look like a boy that has an attitude problem. Yellow bright eyes, tattoos on your body, messy clothes, and your face give an unapproachable vibe.

You walked back to your house, getting inside your room while getting yelled at by someone behind the door. You locked the door and slowly sat down behind your door. You looked around with your blank expressions. Your bedroom was always dark… you even didn't remember when the last time you turned on your lamp or opened your curtain.

You saw your earphone beside your trash can. There are so many papers inside the trash can. No, there are so many papers strewn inside your rooms. You took your earphone and plugged them into your phone. You lay down your head besides your bed and checked your phone.

There was never any message on your phone, at least before that incident happened… But you like it this way. Because there was no one will know your condition… You turned on the music that was recommended by Her and drowned inside the melody. You smiled while starting to hug yourself. You were used to hugging her every time if something messed up your life. And now… smiling and letting out your tear while imagining her hugging yourself…

You resist yourself to let out tears because she will never like to see you crying. But, it was impossible. The melody got inside your head and gave you a warm feeling. It was like having She hugging you like that time. Her smiles, her hair, her presence crossed your mind.

Bright fragments of light begin to form her inside your imagination. "How are you? Are you having a good time in heaven? I hope you do… I don't want you to see me in these conditions. Same conditions as our first meeting…." Your soft yet so gentle voice came out from your mouth. The voice that used to be liked by her… and the last voice she heard. A moment has passed. You slept with the music turned on while ignoring the noise behind your door.

Your music suddenly stopped, and you started to hear the noise behind the door. It's not because your phone battery was run out, nor because the music is over. There is one message on your phone screen. You slowly opened your eyes while staring blankly at your ceiling. Realizing the music is stopped, you look at your phone and see one message on it.

[From ???]

[Invitation From The Universe Reinforcement. Do you wish to accept? Y/N.]

[To Seishirou Kei.]

You read the message and frowned. You didn't remember you gave your contact to someone before. You were too lazy to care about this thing. 'Well, the yes and no is very close to the middle….' You pressed the middle of the screen, and suddenly your phone screen became black. "…"

[Welcome to the Multiverse Reinforcement. Teleporting to the Four Seasons Park.] You almost thought it was a virus but, "Teleporting? Is this some kind of joke?" You felt slightly annoyed by this, but you couldn't do anything since your phone screen was freezing.

[Countdown started, teleporting all members to the Four Seasons Park.]

[1… 2… 3… 4… 5… Process Started.]

*NGIIIING* A buzzing sound starts getting louder each second. "What the hell is this!?" You can't help but cover your ears and hope the buzzing sound is gone. [Once again, welcome to Multiverse Reinforcement.]


The buzzing sound was finally gone. Your whole body feels a little cold because of the air, different from your room. You slowly opened your eyes. You can't help but feel surprised by the view. It was autumn wait, no, the place you stay is autumn, but beside you, it was snowing.

You remembered something written on your screen phone. "So, this is Four Seasons Park." You looked around, and you could see another four people near you. "Urgh." One of them was a black-haired boy with blue eyes. He gives an unapproachable vibe. He seems from Japan as well, he wears casual clothes with black jeans.

"How the hell I ended up being here!?" A pink-haired girl with yellow highlights can be seen behind you. She also has a seal in his chest and stomach.

"Man, my head…." A man with long bright orange-haired and blue eyes. The most iconic thing is, he has an X-shaped scar on his cheek. He wears a red kimono and geta. 'Is he from the Meiji era? Also, he seems very familiar for some reason.'

"Oww, it hurts… what happen?" A pink-haired girl with a blue mixed with green eye color also can be seen. She wears a long blue scarf, and there's also a heart sticker on her cheek. She has a twintails hairstyle.


After looking and observing around, Kei starts to observe the other people before he can do that. "Oya? Welcome. All of you finally arrived!" Someone said with a happy tone. Searching the source of the voice, it was a white cat. "…"

"Come on! Where's the spirit!" The cat suddenly walks in the air while licking its own fur. "Etto, where is this?" The twintails girl asked first. All of us shifted our gaze to her, making her feel uncomfortable and a little scared. "Well, Well, where should we begin." The cat kicks the ground, and suddenly there's a picnic pack in front of us. "Sit down. Let's have a talk in advance."The cat said.


"First, we are at Four Seasons Park. Two, you all teleported here because you guys accepted the invitations." The cat said.

"Invitation? The message on my phone screen?" The twintails girl asked again. It seems like she had a lot of questions inside her mind.

"Yea, you are right. You all have it, right?"

"Is this thing that you mention?" The guy with a scar on his cheek held cube-shaped things in his hand.

"Yep, and first. How about we introduce ourselves? Since it would be strange if I call you scar man." The cat said. At first, all of us seem wary but, we can't do anything right now. We don't know who this cat is.

The cat smiled. "Then, let's start with me. I am Shirai. The owner of this domain and the one who will tell you about everything." Shirai said.

We all stay silent for a few minutes, and the twintails girl takes the initiative. "Umm, I am Satone Sichimiya nice to meet you all."


All of us stay silent for a while, making Sichimiya cry inside her. "A-ahem, I am Kenshin Himura. Nice to meet you too." The man with a scar on his face introduced himself with an awkward tone.

Shicimiya sighed in relief since it was embarrassing if she was the only one who introduced her name. "There's nothing to be scared about. I just want to know all of you." The cat said.

"Fine… if there's anything weird happen. I will exorcist you in an instant. I am Shura Kirigakure an exorcist." Although she said she would exorcist Shirai instantly, she wasn't sure she could do it or not. Shirai nodded and shifted his gaze on the black-haired boy that put a cold expression.

"Shiba Tatsuya." He said. 'very to the point….' All of them shifted their gaze to me. You sighed and let out your voice. "Seishirou Kei. Normal high schooler, nice to meet you all."

All of them stare at the tattoo on your neck, hands, and clothes style. They all thought the same thing. 'Normal? Didn't seem convincing...' Kei is already used to this stare. "Don't judge a book by its cover? Haven't heard it?" You said with a slightly annoyed tone.

"Well done, now. Let's get to the serious part." All of us was very nervous, but it didn't show on our face. "First question, The reason why all of you are teleported here. And of course, it's because you were chosen and accepted the invitation."

"Second question, what is my intention to do this. It's because other Universe needs your help." Shirai stopped for a second. Seeing their expressions, Shirai knows what question they will ask."

"Third question, what did I mean with another universe. Simply, there are many universes in this world, like all of you. All of you are coming from a different universe, different era." Shirai said.

"So, that's why it's called Universe Reinforcement," I said. Shirai nodded and continued. "That's right. We need to help them from the danger ahead. And, there's one unique fact."

"All of you was a character from some show." Kei opened his eyes widely. Kei might not be surprised if Himura, Shura, and the others were characters from a show since they give a unique vibe. But he was also a character from a show!

"I know, I know, all of you was surprised. But, let's maintain our focus. The main focus of this group is to save other people or even the universe. I hope all of you are willing to cooperate with me." Shirai said with a pleasing tone.

"Also, if all of you finished some mission. There will be a unique reward that should help you." Shirai said. In the middle of the serious discussion, Kei couldn't help but think about super sentai. Kei suddenly thinks something important to ask. "You said all of us was from some show. Then, can you let me see my future?" Kei really needs to know something. Even if the chance was zero.

Shirai smiled with closed eyes. "Indeed, I can. It's one of the benefits of you joining this group." Shirai said. "Can I ask what reward it is?" Kenshin asked. "Good question. It can be an ability you didn't know. The ability can be strong or weak. It depends on your luck but, the worse possibility is you get a Ucoin." Shirai Said.

"Now, what is Ucoin? It's a currency someone made. It can be used to trade something in the shop options on your phone screen. Whether it's an ability, food, or even something to revive people that already dead." Shirai said while trying to tempt them.

And Shirai successfully tempted one person. It's Kei. Hearing about reviving dead people, Kei was surprised but also felt grateful. 'If it's true, I will join without hesitation even if I am just alone.' Kei, without any doubt, will join this group.

"Now, I will ask this again, do you want to join Universe Reinforcement?" Shirai asked. "I join. You can show me my future, right?" Shura said with a severe tone. "All I need to know is my future and my world future." She continued.

Shirai nodded and shifted his gaze to the rest. Seeing no one letting out their voice, Kei sighed. "Let me join too. I need to get something with the Ucoin things." Kei said that while scratching his head.


In the end, everyone joined with a different reason. Shicimiya's reason was very… unique, I guess… She said she wanted to see and have a real superpower. Let's forget about it. Now, it's natural if I feel familiar with Himura Kenshin since he was the main character of Samurai X.

Now, I am curious about my show name since I am reincarnated. Is it about my daily life? Well… maybe yes. "Sorry for making you wait. Your show is called From Millimeter To Centimeter (Miri Kara Senchmatle He)." Shirai Said.

Kei was thinking. "Wait, the title is a bit… tacky," I said.

"Aww, come on. Don't be shy. Let's see your story." Shirai tapped the ground with his tail, and a wide transparent screen showed up. Everyone is also gathering since they are also curious. It's rare to see other people's lives with such detail. "All right, let's go!" Shirai tapped the ground again with his tails.


Let's make this short. My story was about myself with her until she left me alone. Now, who is She I refer to? Well… it's a brown-haired girl with brown eyes. She has a short-haired hairstyle, and M shaped ahoge. She is 155 cm, and she has a very light body. She is the most selfless person I have ever met. She also sang me Dango Daikazoku, and it became my favorite song immediately.

I bet you all already know who it is. Yep, Furukawa Nagisa. Although I don't know why the show name is not Clannad, maybe because of me? Well, perhaps that's true. In this story, Tomoya or the original mc ended up with Sakagami Tomoyo. Well, don't ask me why Nagisa died in his 3rd year. I am thinking about saving her since her weak body caused her to die when she gave birth to Ushio.

But I never thought the plot could change this much… Kei was in deep thought, but, suddenly someone pats his back. It was Kenshin, the Battousai. "Don't worry, I know your feeling when she leaves you alone in this world." He said.

Now, if I am not wrong. Kenshin also lost someone important during his journey. *hiks* "So, it's really true. Don't judge a book by its cover." Shicimiya was clinging to me while crying. "W-wait! Your snot! Stop clinging to me!" I am trying to push Sichimiya away but, how can her grip become so strong!? What kind of logic is this!?

"I didn't know that your life was so hard," Shirai said while wiping his tear. "Ahem, now I know why your eyes were very determined." Shirai continued. "Well… yeah, if you never mention it before. Maybe I hesitantly join this group." Kei said.

Shirai nodded in relief since his word was on target. "But, don't hope I will give it for free. I am hoping you get it by yourself." Shirai said.

"I know, don't worry." Kei already knows it. It didn't matter how sad people background. Shirai will never lend him help for free. Knowing there's an ability or item that can help us get to our destination was already enough.

"Since all of you already see your future, I will send you back. There's a chat group on your phone, and I will teleport you by force if there's some mission." Shirai said. Didn't give us time to respond, Shirai immediately teleported us back to our place.