1 Becoming a God

Asura like everyday went to his place of work a fast food joint. But today was different during the end of a day a few minutes before closing a homeless drunkard came barging in.

"Sorry sir but we're closing in a few minutes please be fast" Asura said to the homeless man.

The homeless man did not reply to Asura. The man put his hand into his pocket. Asura unknowing thought he was grabbing his wallet to pay for his food without ordering.

"Excuse me sir you haven't ordered your food yet..."

Then Asura realized that what the homeless man pulled out was a pistol. Panicking Asura grabbed the mans hand and tried to tussle the gun out of the guys hand. Which only enraged the homeless guy and he shot Asura in the stomach.

Asura was not dead yet but he was in great pain from the bullet. Asura grabbed his stomach out of reflex and the homeless man shot again this time in the head. Asura immediately died no one witness the murder. His coworkers already left and their we're no customers since they were a few minutes away from closing.

During The robbery their was a new universe being made which lacked a god to govern it. As Asura died he was chosen as the god since their was no one else to choose from. Thus began the journey of Asura as the God of a new universe.

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