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Universe G0D


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Asura is a twenty-one year old fast food employee. he lived a average life. sadly he died a virgin since he never talked to the opposite gender due to the fear of being rejected. One day he sadly died when his place of work was being robbed by a homeless drunkard with a pistol. Asura decided to be a hero and try to tussle the gun out of the homeless guys hand but ended up being shot. Though it was not the end for Asura fate truly works in mysterious ways. During the robbery Their was a new universe being created that lacked a God. When Asura was killed by the homeless man The universe was created and unexpectedly for our MC he was chosen to be the god of this new universe. Authors note: The MC is actually a god their is no system in this novel as long as our MC can think of what he wants to create their is no limitation he can create new planets, suns, living beings, hell he can even create a whole new universe if he wanted to he is not limited in any way shape or form This is because I hate how novels says their MC is a god and can do whatever he wants but then have him have a point system which he can only do things if he has enough points fucking he’s repost to be a god he can do whatever he wants anyway enough of my rambling Also this is my first novel so be as rude as you want I don’t give a fuck