Universal Turmoil (DBZ)
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Universal Turmoil (DBZ)


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What is Universal Turmoil (DBZ)

Read Universal Turmoil (DBZ) fanfiction written by the author EternalBliss4U on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, naruto, marvel, dragon. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Going to a new world where it feels like you just finished the tutorial in life. Disclaimer: I do not own anything.


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This is a story about Naruto after the Last Movie, meaning after the war and he is 20+ years old. He has changed greatly and learned many things since the war. He has used his power to the maximum capacity. The world is at peace and he sees no need for his presence so he decides to find adventure. he enters the dbz world. This is DBZ world has been expanded on and I have fixed the plot holes. The world is strong and the fighters are skilled. I added hax to them and added more skills. The world gave him the adventure he desired and Naruto once again entered a journey to the top with new friends, and a new rival. Goku and Naruto are rivals. Vegeta stays as a villain and he won't be some throw away villain either. All important characters get established properly even villains. There are somethings from marvel like enemies sprinkled into the world like Galactus, Mephisto, Olympians, Asgardians and such. It is a harem. Bulma, Android 18, Android 21, Kale, Caulifa, Vados, Heles.


Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem?


Grammar feels a little off in some places. Missing commas, incorrect sentence structure and some paragraphs feels lackluster and written poorly. Note, I gave it 3/5 for writing quality because of these reasons. Its not in any particular chapter but overall. For the plot so far, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. Its not particularly engaging nor does it pique my interest. Its bland and feels like I'm reading about Naruto babysitting a whole planet. The introduction of MCU as a shared universe with DBZ was interesting at least. Character wise, the portrayal of Naruto is good, I like what you did with him. He seems less emotional and less concerned about bonds, maybe cause its a harem but even then I don't know how to feel about him sleeping around. I'm not particularly big on DBZ so I'm neutral on them but so far none of the characters really interest me other than Panchy(for her interactions). I'm sure you will buff Goku to be able to slightly challenge Naruto to increase their camaraderie and "rivalry". In conclusion, as I've said, it just feels like I'm reading about Naruto babysitting a planet and their inhabitants. Maybe a bit too much, he seems to be helping so much for nothing and no apparent reason other than some oath for an hour in the hyperbolic time chamber.


the story is not that great the author wanted to add more skills to the world of dragonball but in my opinion it went wrong, naruto has become a completely different character, however the author has also added a bit of mcu which in my opinion is not there enter nothing is like adding oil and water, some problems with grammar, the interactions and fights are not that great, this history is not my cup of tea


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