2 Do You Even Task?


With a small noise, the door of the house was opened.

A figure completely covered in thick clothes walked out into the open. Slowly walking outside from the house, Xen looked around him.

To his left was a narrow path leading into the mountains. On the other side of the path, was a small garden. The front of the garden was empty, while the other three sides were filled with different kind of flowers.

Inside the garden, some green pepper plants, cauliflower, garlics and a small orange tree were planted.

Xen squatted in front of the garden while touching the plants.

"Almost ready for harvest."

With a horse yet excited voice, he started to examine them again.

After looking at the plants in front of him for a while, he slowly stood up and checked his stats again.


Name: Xen

Age: 22

Level: Average Human

STR: 1 (Average human value is 1)

AGI: 1 (Average human value is 1)

DEF: 1 (Average human value is 1)

Skills : None

Task : None (Max. Number of tasks at a time are 3) +


Xen concentrated on the '+' sign behind the task.

As soon as he focused on the sign, a new window suddenly popped up in front of him.

"Please add a new task. The rewards will be distributed according to the difficulty of the quest."

After thinking for a moment, Xen said decisively, " Harvest Pepper."

Suddenly, the screen in front of him changed for a moment.

On the screen, a new line was added:-

Task: Harvest Pepper (Max number of tasks are 3) +


Xen nodded with a big smile on his face.

"Maybe, after completing this task, I will get some kind of martial arts or some kind of cultivation method."

"Wait! This is my first task, so, maybe I will get an ancient bloodline, some kind of mythical power.

With his imagination running wild, Xen thought of all the possibilities. Gaining power, slapping people left and right, becoming rich, marrying a beautiful CEO, having an affair with her secretary. All kinds of scenario emerged inside his head.

Imagination is one of the most wonderful things, that human race is blessed with. Imagination often takes one to places far from reality. But, when the imagination is interrupted, the only thing that is left inside is anger.


Suddenly, an irritating noise broke his train of fantasy.

Looking in front of him, there were some bees flying around the flowers.

"Fucking hell."

Right now he just wanted to blast all those bees away. After looking at the bees around him with a slight resentment in his eyes, he then focused at the plants in front of him.

As soon as he saw the plants and the light screen in front of him, the dead face he was making a moment ago was suddenly replaced by a warm smile. At this time, if someone saw him, they would mistake him for a humble, happy-go-lucky person.

After wearing his slippers which were placed in front of the door, Xen picked up a small plastic basket and went inside the garden.

After thinking for a brief period of time, Xen opened the screen again and decided to add more task.

"Add task : Harvest oranges."

"Add task : Harvest cauliflower."

"Add task : Harvest flowers."

As soon as Xen made the command, several windows popped up in front of him.

"Task : Harvest Oranges generated"

"Task : Harvest Cauliflower generated"

"Task : Harvest flowers failed. (Max of 3 task can be completed)"

"Interesting. It seems I can not add more than 3 tasks."

With a smirk on his face, Xen focused his eyes on the green pepper in front of him. As soon as he narrowed his eyes, a new information was shown above the plant.

"Pepper Plant : A plant that gives us pepper fruit."


Xen suddenly exclaimed happily.

"It seems like I can see the name and properties of others."

After saying this he moved his eyes towards other plants.

"Orange Tree : Gives us oranges."

"Cauliflower : An edible vegetable."

"Bee : flying insects closely related to wasps and ants, known for their role in pollination."

"Stone : Just an ordinary stone."

With each passing second, the smile on Xen's face was growing.

"Hell yeah! Identification."

With a smirk on his face, Xen rushed into the garden. As soon as he picked up an orange, a message popped up in front of him.

'Picked Orange, Exp earned 0.1'

'Picked Orange, Exp earned 0.1'




'Picked Green Pepper, Exp earned 0.01'

'Picked Green Pepper, Exp earned 0.01'



'Picked Cauliflower, Exp earned 1.0'

After harvesting every vegetable, Xen walked out of the garden. On one hand he was carrying the basket which was now filled with Green pepper and oranges, while on the other, he was carrying a cauliflower.

After storing his harvest inside the house, he then walked out and sat at the entryway.


After taking a heavy breathe, Xen looked at the stats window in front of him. There were already some major changes.


Name: Xen

Age: 22

Level: Average Human (Exp 2.5/50)

STR: 1 (Average human value is 1)

AGI: 1 (Average human value is 1)

DEF: 1 (Average human value is 1)

Skills : None

Task : 1. Harvest Pepper(Submit) 2. Harvest Oranges(Submit) 3. Harvest Cauliflower(Submit)


"So, harvesting your crop gives you Exp, and what level is going to be there after Average human? Superman?"

Silently mocking his own theory, Xen looked at the task with shining eyes.


Swallowing his saliva, Xen closed his eyes and begin to remember his great great grandfather.

"Please something good, please something good."

Even though the weather was cold, beads of sweat started to form on his forehead.

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After steeling his own heart, Xen said in a nervous voice.

"Submit Task."

As soon as he said that, small windows started to pop up in front of him.

'Task Harvest Pepper completed.'

'Calculating result'

'Task reward : Golden Pepper Seeds'


'Task Harvest Orange completed'

'Calculating result'

'Task reward : Mortal Juice x 1'


'Task Harvest Cauliflower completed'

'Calculating result'

'Task reward : Mortal Pickle x 1'





After watching the rewards, the bright smile from Xen's face disappeared. The happy face was now covered in grey. With twitching eyes, he looked at the info in front of him again.

After taking a deep breath, he shouted in a wretched voice.