1 Richmond, Virginia

December 5, 1785

It had been about two years since I found myself in antiquity. It was quite strange at first, but I had plenty of the Original owners memories, so I fit in by mimicking his actions and gestures. I mean, I did mess up on the Occasion. Drawing my own bath instead of having a maid draw one up for me was suspicious to Uncle Washington, but It was fine.

Screw hunting with Flintlock Rifles however.

It was strange, I never knew that there ever was a "Bushrod Washington'. Then again who would know every member of the Washington family? I Awoke in back in 1784, ont he way back from an apprenticeship in Law. There my father and uncle bade me to marry, but of course, not wanting to, especially to some rich and spoiled girl… I blatantly refused, though I did promise I would.

I currently am in Richmond, Virginia, The Continental Congress is preceding there and my Uncle, George Washington is there. I knew little as to what was going on. The Constitution won't be signed for another two years, and I knew very little of what may or may not be going down.

Now, you may be asking yourself. Bushrod, you are from the future! And at that an Engineer from the future! Why haven't you brought all sorts of mystical wonders from that walk of life? And to that I tell you, I would prefer to not be strung up as possessed or something. I mean, technically I am, but I prefer not biting the noose. So instead of instantly discovering how to make a Bessemer-Carnegie Furnace, I Instead worked hard in research, even If I already knew how to make one, I still needed to make it seem like I didn't get the knowledge automatically.

Still, the Furnace is nearly complete. I recently put forth a Patent, and plan to show Father and Uncle George the Furnace once we return to Mount Vernon, where the Washington Family will congregate for Christmas.

Ahh, they are letting out now, perhaps to announce what was decided by the Assemble? Probably some low land drab. The Congress never does anything forthwith, well, except for nagging when asked for their powers to be stripped. They complain about King George being a tyrant, when they themselves are like a thousand tyrants, damned greedy buggers.

Finally, the President of the Continental Congress moved forward to the Podium. John Hancock was a good man, one of the few men I could say isn't a greedy asshole, at least in his entirety. "It has been quite some time since I have spoken in this city. It's beauty astounds me each and every time I come, truly Virginia is a wonderful place. Now I am sure that many of you are awaiting what the Congress has decided upon today, and the news is truly titillating." he said, leaving a moment for excitement to grow.

"It was decided that on this day, December 5th, 1785, that America cannot stand with Democracy, this fact was brought to the congress by a member, Nathaniel Gorham, and when the Congress voted, It was decided that America shall look to European ways, and become what is known as a Constitutional Monarchy. When asked on who should become the so called King of America, John Adams suggested George Washington, while Nathaniel Gorham brought up Prince Henry of Prussia. After the vote, it was decided upon that on this day, General George Washington shall henceforth be known as King George Washington I, may god's light bless him eternally." John Hancock closed his book, put his hat on and walked away, as my Uncle stepped to the podium… what in god's name was that?


I was sitting within the room I had rented for the night. It was a pleasant abode, with a fire crackling in the fire place. The room oddly smelt of passion flowers. I sat my cup of Iced Tea down. It was one of the first things I made, as I could not continue living another day without a cup of the delicious substance. It caught on quite well in the Summer months, and the south, just as in the original timeline also loves the tea.

A knock at the door broke my from my excogitating thoughts. My father walked in and poured himself a cup of iced tea. "George cannot pass the crown onto his adopted son, and has decided that I am to be his heir." he said, with a sigh. Out of shock I nearly dropped my tea, spilling some onto my lap.

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