United by the Cosmos
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United by the Cosmos


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What is United by the Cosmos

Read United by the Cosmos novel written by the author austin_winslow on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Having lived 17 years of her life under parental restrictions and trauma of high school bullies,academic pressure and insecurity of teenage,Austin always day dreams a day to live her life freely and without a care,a day when she would be left alone by her strict and narrow minded parents and her oversupportive and moody sibling, Christian,to hang out with her best friends, Skylar and Willow, go shopping to the best malls in the city, confess her love to the boy she had been secretly in love with and always charming for,Dylan Asher,to spend a girl's night out at her home which her parents never allows,to break free from the gender norms her religious culture normally expects of her,to achieve her ambitions of getting a job as a Disney imagineer,which her family doesn't support,to spend a day by the waters of the beach and while watching the sunset;share a close moment with her crush,Dylan and help him to acheive his dreams of being a popular popstar in Hollywood, to attend a prom which she was never allowed to by her conservative guardians, to host a fairytale wedding in a small church with every single friend she ever had,to migrate to L.A,her dream county and start a nice family with Dylan and live in a beautiful country side and always kiss Dylan and her kids to work and school. But for the poor girl it basically remains a fantasy since her overprotective parents and family and her conservative society is too small to hold her big fantasy moments she wants to live through.Being in a conservative society where freedom and free will for a girl is basically seen lewd,her actions gets it all.She has been praying hard more than ever to God to grant her a rebirth, probably the one she wants in this lifetime, a chance to relive the life without any strictness blocking her way,with a couple of liberal minded and friendly parents,a loving and dotting sibling but her same old friends and her high school sweetheart. life takes an unbelievable turn when Austin's wish finally turns true.After having attended the sunday mass with her family,she returns home to find a text by her best friend Willow who had secretly arranged a prom nightover at her home since her parents had been out of the city.Willow took this as a chance to connect Dylan and Austin as Dylan was the son of a close friend of willow's parents.But this sleepover planning takes a twisted turn in Austin's life.Austin succeeds in sneaking out of her home quietly without turning on suspicion in her parents'mind during the hours close to midnight.But she was unknown about the fate she was doomed to face that night when she ran into a moving truck from the opposite side of the road.She was left horribly wounded with her head smashed against the concrete ground of the road.Austin,who had barely begun to live her life and fullfill her dreams was left unfinished with many businesses of hers on earth.Will the cosmos do her enough Justice? But destiny definately had other plans.Austin was resurrected but this time with a new body,a new life,a new family,a new nationality and new dream.If everything is new,how can destiny reunite Dylan and Austin?But as humans we are unevolved enough never to comprehend the real essence destiny's plans got for us. This story brings into action an incomprehensible event of life and possibility.The value of love,passion,dreams, possibilities,friends,life have been highlited throughout.The attempt is to demonstrate the life a teenager goes through,the challenges one faces,the crazy world they live in,their sky touching and sometimes out of the world dreams and fantasies they experience with their actively hormones,the difference between the real world and the world our fantasy carves up,the mood swings,friendships at their best,crushes and sweethearts and youth cravings fills up the pages of this book.it is just another crazy fantasy in a book by another crazy teen dreaming elsewhere


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