Unintentional Rejection Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Unintentional Rejection


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Heena Mari Evans was a werewolf, just turned 16. She was anticipating finding her mate at 12. Her twin brother however found his on his 13th birthday itself, while Heena was disappointed to find none, not even her childhood crush Gabriel Ross Carter (Gabe) was the one. Though Gabe was her best friend and also the beta of her pack, the IQ pack. Circumstances lead her to the Fighters pack, where she finds her mate who did not recognize her but considers her a one-night stand after which in his drunken stupor he rejects her. Overwhelmed with despair and pain of being used before rejection, she tries to kill herself but at the last minute realizes that she still has something to live for. So she sets off for her new life and takes refuge in another pack. What she didn’t factor in was the fact that people had pronounced her dead and someone who was a witness to her rejection finally decides to come clean to her mate. But is it too late. Will he realize what he had done, feel sorry but move on after a few years, or will he try to search for her and not lose hope that she might still be alive? What could lead to their meeting and what will happen then? Will, there be a happy ending for both of them together or will they find happiness with others? Read if you wanna know what happened………………………………………..