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Unfortunate Lives system


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Shameless review from myself - it's worth reading that's for sure! Just take a look and you will enjoy it immensely~ Also, thanks to everyone who has supported me!


I couldn't help but keep reading. The story is very interesting and has an amazing writing style. The characters left a deep impression. Keep up with the good work author.


From the very first line, this novel gave me a tasty bite to chew on. The story erupts in all colors of betrayal, love and loss. Magnificently written, simply superb makes this book. I can’t wait to witness the climax of this progression of events!


I really like this novel, it is interesting and has a unique system twist. Character development so far is good. And the way you progressed the story shows you have talent. Needs a little bit of polishing. Few of the scenes feel rushed . Though I understand you want to make it humourous, but the synopsis shows that this book has a suspense-thriller theme. And I still think the prologue chapter needs some more refining, especially the beginning narrative. Anyway keep writing ! I 'll definitely support and keep your book.


The author just makes us feel for the MC right from the beginning of the story. I am eager to see how the story unfolds. Until then I am rooting for you. Keep updating us author 💜


Pretty interesting from the start. Writing Quality - passed for me because it's readable. The only problem is the cover. Make a good cover that covering the story and new synopsis that can hook up the readers.


I have to admit the first few chapters are really awesome. The humor is good too as every book should contain some. You should detail the synopsis a little but the book is really awesome. Great Job author!


Story is good and compelling, a unique way to introduce the system but it's good and funny. it's just the starting of the novel but things are getting intresting. I can say only one thing to put a more interesting synopsis for attracting people. Alll the best.


Superb writing quality. It's still early days but the author is doing a good job with this novel. The dialogues are also very good and easy to understand. Though some parts feel a bit rushed but still, it's just a few. Normally not a genre I typically enjoy but the author got me hooked and curious from the first chapter. Keep it up


I'll give my honest opinion, this novel for the few chapters I've read looks good, I say it seems because it's too early to judge, the writer seems to think a lot about world construction and characters, I hope it continues with the good story, just I have a review, you should use a better synopsis to attract more audience, make people curious with a good synopsis.


My first impression is the writer has put a lot of thought into the world system. I think it's set up well for the story to develop more, as I've only read a few chapters so far. I thought the lead was funny and relatable. I'm interested to see where the story goes!


Looks nice for a system based game. Hoping it won't turn stale in the midpart as that's how system based stories tend to progress but all in all it's good.


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