1 Prologue

Bai Lianhua looked at the sea where she drowned in confusion. She could not believe that her love rival was that desperate that she would push her into the sea. She even watched her love rival Li Meiren run away from the scene after carefully placing a suicide note near where she had been pushed. She followed her back to her apartment and saw her boyfriend calming her down instead of looking for her body in the sea.

Time flew quickly but Bai Lianhua watched on as Li Meiren married her boyfriend, replaced her as an adopted daughter in her family and reached the pinnacle of her life. Resentment surged up because her life was shown to be insignificant. No one missed her and no one cared about her.

Then she heard a voice: "Are you not reconciled?"

"Of course not - who would be reconciled seeing their life is clearly meaningless to others?" Bai Lianhua chuckled. They say that when you die, your life is replayed back to you from beginning to end and this was the same in her case. She saw her birth, her rich lifestyle growing up, falling in love at university, then, of course, her fights with Li Meiren (a vixen who seduced every man with money) and her death.

"Do you want to live again in this world?"

Bai Lianhua thought about it and refused. "What is the point? I don't want to hurt my family and l don't want to waste my time on a scumbag and a bitch. Is there a heaven? I want to go there to enjoy my afterlife."

"Are you sure? That would be very boring. Don't you want some excitement in your life?" The voice was very high pitched and Bai Lianhua knew the entity was surprised.

"I don't need excitement - l am too lazy to try again. Let me live life peacefully."

There was no reply and Bai Lianhua was slightly confused. Suddenly, she felt a searing pain and her surroundings changed. She was in a black space - nothing could be seen for miles. "Excuse me! I never agreed to anything! Why am l here?"

"You are the only suitable candidate to do this job. You don't have much of a choice now. I struck a deal with heaven and they exchanged 100,000 years of your time in heaven to help me do the tasks. After you finish, you can go back. You can even go back earlier if you finish tasks quicker."

Bai Lianhua was angry - very angry. "Why does everyone arrange my life huh? Don't l get a say in what l want to do? Am l a puppet that needs to be controlled at every turn?"

Ignoring her questions, the voice introduced itself: "I am the unfortunate lives system, just call me little five. The main aim for all tasks is to ensure that people do not live unfortunate lives. People are chosen based on the severity of the misfortune they have faced. Be prepared for some unreasonable life experiences. All you have to do is fulfil the wishes of the clients. Here is a panel with your attributes."

How come some people get to change their lives? Isn't that a bit unfair? Everyone faces misfortune in life...what makes them so special?

The panel came up:

Name: Bai Lianhua

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 23

Intelligence: 4

Appearance: 8

Physical strength: 2

Roots: None

Martial arts aptitude: 2

Skills: Fashion design Beginner, Modelling beginner

Charm: 8

"Hey! Why are my stats so low?" Bai Lianhua complained because the system was clearly being stingy. What happened to having high stats from the beginning? Are all system novels she read when she was alive scams?

"Those are your actual stats at the moment. The highest you can get is 100. And to improve your stats, you need to complete tasks."

Bai Lianhua wondered what kind of tasks she would encounter. Then she remembered that in some novels if there was a task failure, the tasker would be obliterated. "Hey little five, if l fail tasks, will l be obliterated?"

The system was also shocked: "Where did you get this idea? No, if you fail tasks, your stats will decrease. Yes, stats can decrease. When stats get to zero, you'll have to face a hell world on your own - nothing from the system can be taken away or obtained. If you fail the hell world, you go to hell directly. There won't be obliteration because that is too much."

Bai Lianhua patted her chest in relief: "Ok, we can start the task."

"Just to let you know that you can only use the surveillance part of the system. If you want to buy anything, you should buy it now because you cannot buy anything in the system mall once you reach the world. In the world, you cannot communicate much with the system - you are allowed five questions and that is it."

Hey, isn't this too pitted? No golden fingers, no martial arts cheats, no peach blossom sword! This is simply leading people on the path of failure.

"Open the system mall."

A panel came up with various categories which blinded Bai Lianhua. She felt a bit useless since the skills she mastered were basically useless unless she went to an entertainment world. Thinking about her shortcomings, she went directly to the martial arts cheats. She knew that she didn't have the power to even bind a chicken and that would be bad regardless of where she went. All the martial arts cheats had sky-high prices of 6 or higher.

"Little five, can l deduct points from various stats instead of just one stat? For example, if l wanted to buy this peach blossom art, l would deduct 3 points from my beauty and 3 points from my charm while retaining everything else."

"Yes, this is possible." This is a good thing because it means she can balance out stats and ensure none of them are 0. She looked through the martial arts that had a high force value and also looked good. One caught her eye - Fairy leaf domineering art. Reading the description, she immediately brushed it aside because it required always having leaves. What if she went to a time period where it was a famine and there were no leaves?

She looked through them all until she found a satisfactory one - ten thousand swords art. This art focused on building body strength in the beginning, then towards the middle, it focused on the development of mental abilities before you could even handle a sword. It required the use of medical materials to stimulate the body's potential as well. It would take a long time but it guaranteed a high force value in the mid to later stages. The price was 7 points so she deducted points from her appearance and her charm. This made her appearance value 4 and her charm value 5.

"Ok hurry up and get out - you've spent a lot of time here already and we don't have all millennium to waste."

Bai Lianhua rolled her eyes and didn't comment. The system compressed her soul into a small ball and sent her to the first client.

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