22 Good Start

The next morning, Heero went to Hope Preschool earlier than he was supposed to be. He arrived at school at fifteen past six.

Yesterday, it could be said he was entering the bad book of Principal Fang. He wondered if he could still work here. He came this early to ask Teacher Lin. Teacher Lin was the chief teacher, she might know something.

However, when he arrived at school, he could only find Fatty Liang. Fatty Liang just opened the gate when he arrived.

"Good morning, Security Liang~" Heero greeted him as usual, a refreshing smile.

Fatty Liang merely nodded his head at Heero and entered the school. Heero did not know why Fatty Liang giving him a cold shoulder. It was from yesterday. He thought Fatty Liang had his own problem, but it seemed Fatty Liang also did not like him.

Heero did not know the source of the problem. Moreover, he also felt did nothing wrong as he only met Fatty Liang for two days. Without knowing the problem, Heero could not solve the misunderstanding between them.

For now, Heero could only ignore this fatty. He had to inquire about his fate first. As Fatty Liang was giving him a cold shoulder, Heero decided to enter the office and wait for Teacher Lin there rather than staying with Fatty outside.

Less than 10 minutes of waiting, Teacher Lin entered the office. Heero immediately approached and asked hurriedly, he did not bother to greet as he was anxious about losing his job, "Teacher Lin, did Principal Fang say something to you yesterday?"

Teacher Lin was caught by surprise. She looked at Heero in confusion. She did not get the meaning behind Heero's words. But it did not take long before she realized what Heero asked her.

Teacher Lin smiled, "It's okay, you are still safe."

She patted Heero's shoulder and headed toward her own table.

'This kid is not as dense as it seems.'

Teacher Lin relieved inwardly. She quite liked Heero's enthusiasm and she did not want he was dismissed just for a small matter.

Heero also relieved. It meant his job was still safe. He just hoped this Fang Guo Ming would not be that petty for dismissing over a small matter.

Things went as Heero wanted to. Until the class started, his position was still safe and he did not see Fang Guo Ming this morning.

Just like yesterday, the class started normally without a problem, though there were still children crying when their mothers left them. Everything went smoothly as until the first-hour Teacher Hong Yu took the class over.

"So what story do you want to hear today~?"

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After playing freely at the playground, the children gathered in the class. The children in class one liked to hear a story, that was why Teacher Hong Yu asked what story they wanted to hear.

A chubby little girl raised her hand, "Teacher Hong, I want to hear a new story like Cinderella~."

This chubby little girl was part of Lan Lan's group, Zhou Yatong. The children called her Tong Tong.

Hearing Tong Tong's proposal, the other children immediately agreed.


"I also want to hear a new story~"

"New story~ new story~"

Teacher Hong Yu was troubled when the children said they wanted to hear another new story. Heero presumed Teacher Hong Yu did not know this would happen when she told Cinderella. It was just a coincidence, she found an old book in the library.

Teacher Hong Yu was troubled, but her saviors came. Lan Lan and Man Man stood before Heero.

"Teacher Xing, don't you promise us to give sweets today?" Man Man still did not forget about yesterday's promise.

"Yes, you said you will give us sweets today. Where are my sweets?"

Lan Lan demanded in a loud voice. The children in the class heard them. The children that surrounded Teacher Hong Yu simultaneously turned their heads toward Heero. Yes, when the words resounded, everyone turned their heads toward Heero at the same time.

Tong Tong was the first who moved fast. She came closer to Lan Lan and asked in a low voice, "Lan Lan, is true Teacher Xing will give us sweets?"

"Yup yup. Yesterday, he promised me and Man Man, right Man Man?" Lan Lan confirmed jovially.

"Right, Teacher Xing promised us. If he is a good adult, he will keep his promise. But if he is a scu…" Man Man stopped midway as she found the words she wanted to say was inappropriate.

"But if Teacher Xing is a bad adult, he will not keep his promise."

'She must be want to say scum, she must be want to call me scum…' Heero glared Man Man which made her nervous.

Man Man knew she was wrong and she was afraid if Heero would not give her share.

"But Teacher Xing is a good person. He will keep his promise…" Man Man added loudly.

After hearing Man Man, the children that gathered around Teacher Hong Yu immediately swarmed around Heero. The children were looking at Heero with their puppy eyes.

"I know… I know. I did not forget my promise."

Heero was weak being stared like this by the children. He immediately admitted his defeat as he raised his two hands up.


Lan Lan, Man Man, and Tong Tong jumped cheerfully.

"Hooray!!!" The other children also followed and the class filled with the cheers of children.

"Make a line! If you want sweets, make a line!"

Hearing Heero's words, the children immediately formed a line in an instant. When it came to sweets, the children moved so fast.

In the first line, it was Lan Lan, Man Man, and Tong Tong. These three were extremely fast and took the first line.

Heero took out the bamboo container from his clothes. Lan Lan, Man Man, and Tong Tong immediately put their hand. However, Heero shook his head.

"Open your mouth, you have to eat it now."

Heero remembered Lan Lan saved the sweets he gave him. He did not want Lan Lan to save the sweets. If Lan Lan ate sweets later and the other children saw it, it would be troublesome.

The other children would be jealous, they might try to rob it from Lan Lan. Fighting was inevitable if it really happened. Heero did not want the children to fight each other for sweets and came up with this idea. The children had to eat sweets now.

"Ehhh, but I don't wanna it now. I want to save it for later~"

Sure enough, Lan Lan wanted to save the sweets for later.

Teacher Hong Yu could tell why Heero wanted the children to eat the sweets at once. She smiled and approached Lan Lan, "Lan Lan, you can't save it. Lan Lan should eat the sweets together with your friends, okay?"

When it was Teacher Hong Yu who spoke, Lan Lan obediently nodded her head, with a smile she replied, "Good~"

Lan Lan opened her mouth, waiting for Heero to feed her sweets. Tong Tong and Man Man also followed in order, they opened their mouth wide with a "Fast! Give our sweets already!" expression.

'This is my sweets, you know? Why are you obeying Teacher Hong Yu rather me than me? You should flatter me to get the sweets.' Heero was left speechless by these three little girls.

Nevertheless, Heero opened the bamboo container and took out three round golden candies. He learned to make this candy from his seven fairy mothers. The candy was made from three fruits in Nebraska Mountain. As for why it was golden in color, just like the medicine he gave to Lan Lan. He coated the candy with honey from Golden Bees.

Heero put the golden candy in the three little girls' mouths. As soon as the candy entered their mouth, the three little girls immediately closed their mouths. It was as if they were afraid Heero would take the candy back.

"Woaw!" "Woaw!" "Woaw!"

The three girls immediately let out a surprised exclamation. From surprised, their expressions turned into reddening in bliss.

Looking at the three girls' expressions, Heero also smiled. He was truly happy that the sweets he made could make the children turned like this. It was clear they enjoyed the sweets he made.

After Man Man, Tong Tong, and Lan Lan, Heero fed the candies to other children. Of course, there was an exception. Shen Miao and his two girlfriends, Jiang Yujin and his group, and Kang Myung Hee did not enter the line.

It was clear they did not have an interest in the golden candies. However, Heero held high confidence in his candy. As long as he could coax them to eat the golden candy, they would experience the same bliss as the other children.

Actually, Shen Miao's two friends were interested. But noticing Shen Miao did not enter the line, they also did not enter the line. However, looking at how happy the children were, they were tempted to taste the golden candy. Both looked at Shen Miao, wishing Shen Miao also had the same thought as them.

However, Shen Miao remained unmoving. She was still busying herself with the smartwatch on her wrist.

"Heh, what a bumpkin! A mere cheap candy already satisfies you like this." A sarcasm resounded in the class. The voice belonged to Jiang Yujin.

The other children's blissful expression seemed to be pissed him off. However, no children bothered him as they kept sucking the candy, it was as if Jiang Yujin was an air which pissed him more.

At first, Heero frowned when heard the sarcasm. But as he found the other children remained unperturbed, Heero relieved. He wanted to remove Jiang Yujin, but he remembered Jiang Yujin had a special status.

It could bring trouble to school if he reproved Jiang Yujin. Heero looked at the bamboo container and then, he smiled.

'He is still a child after all…'

Reprimanding Jiang Yujin would not work, but he could change this kid's mind. He only needed to put the golden candy in Jiang Yujin's mouth. Tasting the candy itself could change the kid's mind. Heero was also confident in golden candy.

Heero approached Jiang Yujin and the group. Teacher Hong Yu thought Heero wanted to rebuke Jiang Yujin. She tried to remind Heero, but Heero returned with a smile, indicating it was okay.

Jiang Yujin however did not afraid of Heero. He also thought Teacher Xing wanted to rebuke him. He rose from his seat and glared Heero, "What? Do you think I am wrong? Are you angry because I say it was cheap candy?"

Even though Jiang Yujin put no respect, Heero still smiled as he shook his head, "No, I want to show you a trick, magic."

Hearing Heero wanted to show a trick of magic, the other children swarmed toward him. They surrounded Jiang Yujin's group and Heero. It was clear they wanted to see the magic. Teacher Hong Yu also followed the children, she was curious about what Heero wanted to do.

"Heh, what magic you can use as a mere ordinary teacher like you?" Jiang Yujin did not disguise his disdain toward Heero.

Heero only smiled and fished out a golden candy from the bamboo container. He held the golden candy between his thumb and index finger and showed it to the other children.

"Watch this! Watch the candy carefully. I will make the candy disappear from my hand!"

The children focused their attention on the golden candy, with a hundred and twenty percent concentration they watched the candy with great attention.

Thirty seconds passed, but the candy still Heero's hand. Jiang Yujin sneered as he found the candy was still in Heero's hand.

"Heh, don't think your cheap trick… eh!?"

Jiang Yujin stopped midway as he found the golden candy disappeared from Heero's hand. Then, sweetness filled his mouth. The golden candy was in his mouth.

'But how?'

Jiang Yujin was shocked. He had his eyes opened wide and his mouth also opened voluntarily.

"Ahhhh!!!" The other children also surprised. They were looking at the candy. They did not even turn away or blinked even once.

Teacher Xing's hand also did not move. The golden candy was just disappeared like that. Slowly, the children looked at Heero with a different light, admiration. Especially the little boy, they looked at Heero in awe.

"Teacher Xing! Teacher Xing! Where the candy disappeared to?" A little girl called Song Mi suddenly asked in curiosity.

Heero smiled and pointed his finger toward Jiang Yujin's mouth. As Jiang Yujin opened his mouth, the golden candy could be seen.

The children followed Heero's finger and found the golden candy was inside Jiang Yujin's mouth.

"Wow!" The children let out another exclamation.

Heero smiled toward Jiang Yujin, "How is it, Yujin? My golden candy is much better than the candy you ever eat, right?"

Hearing Heero's words, Jiang Yujin snapped out from his shock. He wanted to throw the golden candy, but he remembered the sweetness he tasted just now. The golden candy sweetness overwhelming his mouth. Indeed, the golden candy was much better than the candy he bought in the inner city. He just could not bear to throw the golden candy which already in his mouth.

In the end, Jiang Yujin closed his mouth and properly tasted the golden candy in his mouth. Looking at Heero's smiling face, Jiang Yujin turned away.

"Not bad." A small voice came out from Jiang Yujin mouth.

The smile on Heero's face became wider. He fished out another four golden candies and gave it to Jiang Yujin's friends.

Afterward, Heero walked toward Shen Miao. She was still playing with her smartwatch. He noticed Shen Miao was more interested in advanced technology such as Smartwatch and luxury things.

However, he noticed Shen Miao's friends were looking at Heero with a "We also want the golden candy~" expression. It was just that they did not dare to ask Heero for the golden candy as Shen Miao said nothing to them.

"Do you want the golden candy?" Heero fished out two golden candies as he asked the two little girls.

The two little girls hesitated as they looked toward Shen Miao. In the end, the two little girls could not bear the temptation of the golden candy. They opened their mouth and Heero put the golden candy in their mouth. Immediately, the two girls reddening in bliss as they held their cheeks in happiness.

Actually, Shen Miao had been looking around after the three little girls, Lan Lan, Man Man, and Tong Tong ate the golden candy. She was actually quite curious about the golden candy. However, she did not want to lower her status as the daughter of Gold Rank Hero, Shen Yifan.

She was taught her status was higher than the people who lived in the outer city. Her father taught her to not mingle with the children from the outer city.

Nevertheless, she was still a child. After looking at the bliss on the other children, she wanted to try, the golden candy. But back again, her status was not allowed her to ask for candy.

Of course, Heero noticed the subtle movement of Shen Miao.

"Miao, you can't buy this golden candy anywhere. Only Teacher Xing who have this golden candy. This is the only chance to eat this golden candy, do you want?"

Shen Miao shot a dubious look at Heero. Apparently, she did not believe his words.

"Here, you can look and taste it. After that, you can try to find if this golden candy is being told in the inner city or not if you don't believe me." Heero gave the golden candy to Shen Miao.

As Heero predicted, Shen Miao looked at the golden candy carefully. She was really looking at the details of the golden candy. After a moment, she put the golden candy into her mouth.

The same as the other children, Shen Miao's face reddened a bit as she happily enjoyed the golden candy. Then, the next moment she remembered Teacher Xing was still looking at her.

Shen Miao turned back to normal and said casually commented, "Not bad."

"Hehe…" Heero let out a chuckle and looked toward the corner class direction. If Shen Miao and Jiang Yujin acted aloof because of their status, Kang Myung Hee was a different case. She secluded herself and always gazed toward the north gate direction.

She seemed to be waiting for someone from the north gate. Heero did not know as Kang Myung Her refused to talk.

'But as a good teacher, I can't give up…'

Heero walked toward Kang Myung Hee.

"Myung Hee, do you want a golden candy?"

"No, I want you to leave me alone." Without even turned her head, Kang Myung Hee gave Heero a cold response.

Heero stiffened, he did not know how to handle this. To solve the issue, he had to know the cause. However, Heero was unclear about what Kang Myung Hee. He just could not guess blindly, or it would make things worse.

"Hmmm, alright then. How about this, if you eat the candy I will leave you alone."

Heero could not do anything regarding Kang Myung Hee. For now, he could only share the candy in his hand.


Kang Myung Hee turned around and took the candy. She put it into her mouth.

Heero could see Kang Myung Hee seemed to be surprised at first. But it was only for a moment before returning back to normal. She gazed back to the north gate and ignored Heero.

Heero let out a sigh. He failed, but he won't give up.

'Start with her guardian might be the best choice…' Thought Heero as he went back to his position.

Heero returned to the front of the class and gave one golden candy to Teacher Hong. He also ate one and then looked at the children who were talking about the magic.

"Teacher has a new story, The Spirit and Trickster. Do you want to listen to the new story?"

Hong Yu might have trouble with this, but not for Heero. He had many stories in his head, many tales from his village and also his Master's library. After all, he came from Dramonia.

The children immediately swarmed back to Heero. Now, they quite liked the new teacher, the sweets and a magic trick.

'For now, I will impress these children first. I swear, one day I will make all my students smiling.'

Heero determined to make everyone smile, having good memories of childhood, including Kang Myung Hee.

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