59 Arun Seth

Kang Family Residence, Core Region

Kang Myung Hee and Kang Dong woo stood before a middle-aged man. The middle-aged had a somber look as he watched the video displayed on the laptop. After a moment, he tapped the keyboard and turned the laptop around, showing what he had been watching for a while.

Kang Myung Hee and Kang Dong Woo got closer to the table to see what their father wanted to show them. The paused video showed a picture in a hallway, there was a man held someone's head and banged it on the floor.

Kang Myung Hee and Kang Dong Woo found the man's build somewhat familiar to them. They had their head closer to the screen.

The man was wearing a plain white shirt and long black pants with red sneakers. He had a good looking face and short black hair.

"Teacher Xing!" Kang Myung Hee was the first one guessed the man's identity. It had been a long time since their last meeting.

About a month ago, they visited Heero to express their gratitude for saving their big sister, Kang Seo Yeon. After that, they did not meet with Heero again as their grandfather prohibited them to meet Heero.

Kang Dong Woo moved his hand to the laptop and continued the video. Then, he stunned upon seeing Heero brutally banged the unknown man's head on the floor.

He could see Heero looked furious as he kept banging the man's head. Kang Dong Woo frowned, he stopped the video and played it again from the start.

"He deserved it!" Kang Dong Woo commented in a cold tone as he closed the laptop. If he was in Teacher Xing, he might do the same. Kang Myung Hee had a shocked look, she also recognized the little girl, Wang Qing Lan her former classmate in Hope Preschool.

"That man is already dead, Oh Chunyong, Bronze Class Ranker - Rank 3. He is dead, your Teacher Xing killed him last night. Now, do you understand why I call you two here?"

Kang Yun Cheol ignored his son's remark and said his line with a commanding tone.

"I don't understand!" Kang Dong Woo gave a clear and firm answer in an instant. It was clear he understood what his father asked him to, but he just did not want to compromise.

Kang Yun Cheol furrowed his brows, he stared at his son with a fierce glare, but what he got was just another fierce glare from his son. In the end, He let out a sigh.

"I order you two to not get closer to Teacher Xing again, Never! Do you understand?" He said it in a firm tone as he could not bear to scold his son.

"NO! I don't understand! I just don't get what in Grandfather and your mind at all. He has saved your daughters! But what you give in return? None! Just insincere thanks? That's it? Are your two daughters' life only worth that much?"

Kang Dong Woo raised his voice. He voiced his discontentment he had to his father and grandfather. He did not know why, but his grandfather prevented him to meet Teacher Xing despite what Teacher Xing had done for his sisters.

"Now you even want to cope against him just because he saved a little girl from an as*hole ranker?" Kang Dong Woo added with a question. He did not hide his contempt to a ranker even his father was a ranker.

Hearing his son's words, Kang Yun Cheol's countenance turned ugly and cold at the same time. His glare became even fiercer which was scaring Kang Myung Hee. she hid behind her brother.

As for Kang Dong Woo, he was not afraid of Kang Yun Cheol's gaze in the slightest. He faced his father with a firm look.

"DONG WOO! Watch your mouth! Don't implicate your family with your loose mouth!!!" Kang Yun Cheol lost his temper and scolded his son.

Kang Yun Cheol's voice was loud and the people outside also could hear it out. By chance, Kang Myung Chul passed Kang Yun Cheol's room. He opened the door and asked, "What's wrong?"

It was rare to hear his son got angry. He entered the room and saw his two grandchildren stood before his son.

Kang Dong Woo ignored his father and grandfather, he took the laptop and dragged his little sister out with him.

When he reached outside of the room, Kang Myung Chul and Kang Yun Cheol heard something they did not expect to hear from Dong Woo, "What's former Emperor Class Hero, what's Crown Class Ranker? You guys just ungrateful grown man!"

Kang Yun Cheol stunned, this was Dong Woo's rudest words to him. Even though both did not have a good relationship as a son and father and often argued. However, Dong Woo never talked bad about him.

The same for Kang Myung Chul. In fact, he was close with his grandson, but it just lately Dong Woo showed his displeased attitude to him because he forbade him to meet Xing Heero.

Even so, Dong Woo was never disrespectful to him, his son was an exception though. Kang Myung Chul turned toward his son who was sitting behind a table with an inquiry look.

Kang Yun Cheol let out a sigh and unlocked his smartwatch. He sent the video he showed to his son to his father.

Kang Myung Chul soon received a notification. He unlocked his smartwatch and found his son sent a video. He played the video on his smartwatch and soon, he understood what caused an argument between son and grandson.

It was an outsider called Xing Heero who caused this issue. Kang Myung Chul also let out a sigh, if the problem concerned with Ranker Alliance, even him also helpless.


Kang Dong Woo and Kang Myung Hee went out with his little sister. He brought the laptop and intended to visit Miao Miao Noodles Shop.

'Should I tell Sister Seo Yeon? She might have a way to help Teacher Xing.'

Kang Dong Woo knew that his words would not able to stop Ranker Alliance. He knew his father well, he would not stop Ranker Alliance from taking action against Teacher Xing from killing a ranker.

It was for the so-called Ranker Alliance's pride. No ranker could not be killed, whether it was the Hero League or Central Government. None of them could stop the Ranker Alliance.

In the past, there was an accident where a member of a prestigious family from the inner region killed a Silver Class Ranker. The member of that prestigious family was doing something righteous, saving a girl from the outer region who was about getting raped by the Silver Class Ranker.

Xu Zhao Ren from Xu Family, a Silver Class Hero - Rank 5. A youth with a bright future from a good family. However, because he killed that Silver Class Ranker, he was killed and Xu Family ceased to exist the following day.

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30 Legend Class Rankers gathered and annihilated Xu Family in one night. Central Government had no way to meddle into this issue. It was 30 Legend Class Rankers' decision, even the Hero League did not help Xu Zhao Ren from Ranker Alliance's clutch at that time.

The reason for Ranker Alliance doing so, it because ranker could only be punished by Ranker Alliance itself. It was just simple as that, but Ranker Alliance an extreme measure.

Kang Dong Woo already heard this many times from his father, the same for Kang Myung Hee. Kang Yun Cheol already warned both of them to not show their dislike to Ranker Alliance. Ranker Alliance was an existence that could not be offended even to a former Emperor Class Hero's family like Kang Family.

This was the main reason why the rankers were so overbearing. They had Ranker Alliance on their back and no one would dare to kill them even if they committed a crime. Of course, Ranker Alliance also had a rule that could not be violated by the rankers.


Kang Myung Hee held his brother's hand tightly and said in a concerned tone, "Brother, is Teacher Xing will be okay?"

"It's okay, Teacher Xing is strong. He will be fine. Aren't we going to visit him now?" Kang Dong Woo returned with a gentle smile.

Even though he himself worried inwardly, he could not show it to his little sister.

"Young Master Dong Woo, we arrived." an old voice sounded.

Kang Dong Woo and Kang Myung Hee looked outside of the window. The car stopped in front of a familiar district.

Myung Hee released out her hand from her brother and went out of the car. Dong Woo immediately chased after Myung Hee while bringing the laptop in his hand.

After Myung Hee and Dong Woo went out of the car, an old man who drove the care unlocked his smartwatch and made a call to an id, Master Yun Cheol. When the other side picked his call, the old man reported with his old voice, "Master, Young Master Young Miss visited that young man again."


When he entered the district, Dong Woo noticed there was a crowd gathered in front of Miao Miao Noodles Shop.

Dong Woo picked up his speed while Myung Hee also did the same. They hastened their pace and soon reached the Miao Miao Noodles Shop.

Myung Hee and Dong Woo thought something bad happened to Teacher Xing. However, both stunned when they arrived at the shop. In front of the shop, they saw Teacher Xing was sitting on the bench with a relaxed mood. Meanwhile, there were four unconscious men in Ranker Alliance's uniform laid down on the ground.

Heero also noticed Dong Woo and Myung Hee arrival, he waved his hand to the two siblings and called, "Dong Woo~ Myung Hee~"

Myung Hee dashed and jumped toward Heero, she hugged Heero's waist tightly with her short and tiny hands. She did not care for the four unconscious men but deeply relieved as nothing happened to Teacher Xing.

Dong Woo also approached Heero while gazing at the four unconscious men. He tried to identify the four men in Ranker Alliance's uniform. He recognized one of them, Karam Ganesh, Gold Class Ranker - Rank 79.

"What are you doing here? And what happened to Myung Hee?" Heero asked Dong Woo who was still in a daze.

Hearing Heero's words, Dong Woo turned around and looked at Heero and asked nervously, "Teacher Xing, do you beat them?"

He was nervous because the situation became worse if Teacher Xing beat these people.

"Not me, it's my disciples who beat them." Heero pointed his finger toward Sun Zhou Yi who stood not far from him, "Then, What happened to Myung Hee?" Heero asked again.

However, before Dong Woo could explain the whole situation, there was a loud voice resounded, preventing Dong Woo to speak.

"Leave this place! Leave this place! If you don't want to die, LEAVE THIS PLACE NOW!"

Kang Dong Woo turned around and saw eleven men in Ranker Alliance's uniform. His eyes went wide when he saw the three men in the middle of these eleven men.

"Vikas Haldar, Gold Class Ranker - Rank 17. Dharya Mahava, Gold Class Ranker - Rank 9…" Here, Kang Dong Woo's words trailed off upon seeing the man in the middle.

Wearing a black Ranker Alliance uniform with a gold crown on his right chest, this man was Crown Class Ranker.

"Crown Class Ranker - Rank 27, Arun Seth!"

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