Unforgettable Journey Book

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Unforgettable Journey


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Two mere human beings were bound to be best friends rather than friends. Ash San and Nish Min had known each other through social media. None of them has the idea that their small so-called relationship will grow bigger and bring them even more close to each other. All happy moments flowed as how it should be. However, things changed just as a result of boredom. Ash's impulsivess did lead to a tragedy of her life, she couldn't ever imagine. Nish's life were taken away from hers. On the other hand, Ash had discovered one of the top plan of her dead best friend which bothers her all the time. Ash were taken to an island where, she unexpectedly feel the kind of suspicious jump of blood towards Mei. When Mei and Ash's encounter happened, the world seemed odd for the both of them. After days of being stocked in an island, Ming tribe were found out to be the keeper of the island which likewise made a scene between Ash and Mei's affection. Is it just a coincidence that happened unexpectedly? Or is it a new beginning to the journey of Ash's long running life? What does this Island and Island's Ming tribe keeper hide? What mystery does it hold?


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