1 Cooped up

At 2 PM, Sony went out of the apartment to meet up with her soon to be ex-boyfriend in the powerful rain.

He tried to explain that "its not you it me situation". She didn't even bother to speak and so left the conversation with him. As she left as she started to sprout out teardrops that with was not noticeable in the pouring rain. She started to run up the apartment stairs as she trip over a step as she catches herself almost leading towards her death sentence. As soon as she opened her apartment door she put all of her body weight on the bed. Slammed against the pillows were Z and her collection of stuffed llamas a crossed her whole bed.

The Next Day

Sony, goes to her everyday Coffee spot for her most favorite coffee and the whole wide world while watching her best friend, Bennie. As usual she leaves the coffee table without no trace of where she should go from there. The sky weather was perfectly fine. Not one cloud in the sky from where she was standing from here on out in Oregon, White city. Something about the sky was a little bit off as she walked even more.

And at the corner of her eyes, she sees a orange-colored dash go across the sky. But as she tried to figure out this mysterious flying item. The local citizens of white city started to scream in horror as the thing got closer to earth. The News reporters from most of the companies came rushing down as the dash got stronger and faster. When it was really close by the ground near the Coffee shop is where most people were hiding. For some reason, Sony was still outside both fascinated and frightened at the same time. When the dash hit the bare dirt it let out a huge explosion of sand and dust lingering around shadowy figure. She just had to check it out for herself. Camera mans got there cameras ready to the mystery shadow, Sony was walking towards.

Sony was curious as everyone else. As she leap over the huge chunk of dirt, that the object have made. She got a bit more attention than normal from the audiences prospectives. She saw a human shaped figure in the mist as she took baby-steps towards it. Her curiosity took over her body as she stuck out her hand as far as she could without getting any closer. She felt something soft but warm. But it was too warm that she had flinched when she felt a touch of it feathered-like skin. Her finger tips were and sharp pain but as she tried to hold her tears. Something come out and grabbed her hand and didn't let go. She tugged and tugged back and forth for it to let her go but it was to strong for her. At this point all of her body part were in the mist of the dirt.

As she continued to struggle to pull. The thing that was pulling her arm became clearer and able to see more. It looked like a arm but she wasn't sure because there was also feathers hooked on. As she continues to stare at the arm, the feathers slowly sunken down into the skin. The fact of her seeing that, had let out a big knot in her throat. Her eye started to become watery from the dust, while her vision become worst than what it already was. The grip of the hand becomes more immobile with he wrist. As she was still hold on tightly by the creature. She assumed that it must really be alacritous for him to be with her for this long. But as she was walking the grip of her arm became more tighter, faster, and more firmly. She nearly lost the balance of her body as soon as she noticed it was too late. All of her weight slammed against a very firm chest and she did not even bother on looking for who it is she's touching.

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