Unfinished symphony

Author: DaoistusH0kt
Martial Arts
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What is Unfinished symphony

Read ‘Unfinished symphony’ Online for Free, written by the author DaoistusH0kt, This book is a Martial Arts Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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(A/N) - THIS STORY HAS BEEN POSTED UNDER THE NEW NAME (TWISTED REALITIES) AND WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED HERE. I DID THIS FOR ONE REASON, THIS STORY WAS BECOMING INCREDIBLY CONVOLUTED WITH ALL THE CROSSOVERS AND AT LEAST TO ME LACKED ANY SORT OF COHERENCY IN HOW IT SHOULD BE READ. THUS THE REASON FOR A FAR MORE SIMPLIFIED VERSION I SUPPOSE IT SHOULD BE MENTIONED HOWEVER THE PREMISE IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT AND IS NO LONGER A CROSSOVER OR EVEN FAN FICTION, IT IS AN ATTEMPT AT WRITING MY OWN STORY. ANYWAYS HOPEFULLY PEOPLE WILL ENJOY IT. IMPORTANT - This story will be split into two "Paths", the first is code monument, in which the pre-[Protocol] story will be told, the second path protocol ouroboros, will resume the story as Mizuki is reborn in a world post-[Protocol]. I'll be trying to implement it in such a way that you don't need to read monument to understand ouroboros, at the very least there may be a few jokes that work better if you read it. I'm trying it like this because keeping two portions of the story separate will hopefully help with writer’s block allowing me to switch from one path to another when getting stuck, lacking focus, etcetera. CODE MONUMENT - Our story starts just before the beginning of Undertale, Mizuki, the protagonist, is the incarnation of Undertale's MC. Of course there are the delightful voices in her head as well, Frisk the sacrificial [REDACTED] who holds a heart of kindness, and then there is... Chara, the rather verbose and colorful [Redacted], the ~Orphan Lover~. Our lovely Mizuki had achieved her own ending, and together with the underground empire of monsters that had practically raised her, they set foot on the surface. However, this was perhaps the greatest misfortune to ever occur, "oh hey a friendly eldritch terror... NOPE definitely not friendly, huh a dead machine empire that gives free goodies... Goddammit a subscription service, wait... the hell... why in the fuck am I fighting a god? *Ahem*... I mean... did you think this was going to be a grounded story, well I have news for you, reality and logic tend to break down when magic, chakra, cursed fruits, and hollows all exist. Well, let’s all give Mizuki our best wishes, she'll definitely need it after learning about reality spanning civilizations, eldritch beings, gods, the [CORRUPTION], [PLAYERS], and even [AUTHORS], well let’s give Mizuki's sanity our well wishes in 3...2...1... *[Author] bestows 1 surprise package* In an unknown location and time, Surrounded by grasslands a lone figure can be seen, long dark blue hair, and a fair figure, a girl in her late teens. Her beauty only dampened by the haunted look on her face, as she kneels to the ground, 5 bronze spheres in front of her. Muttering and giggling to herself the figure slowly looks up, exposing the soul-less look in her eyes, as she snaps and screams at the very heavens that had aggrieved her. "GODDAMMIT ONLY FUCKING BRONZE TIERS, SHITTY WISHES, STUPID LUCK, I SWEAR WHOEVER THE HELL IS BEHIND THIS SCREEN WILL SUFFER, JUST STOP WITH THE LOOT BOXES, WHY ARE THEY EVEN CALLED GODDAMN SUPRISE PACKAGES!!!!" PROTOCOL OUROBOROS - [NO SUMMARY] Disclaimers - First, any character besides Mizuki (or Potential OC's), are likely not created by me nor owned by me, instead those rights belong to their corresponding series, and the lovely authors who made them. Second the book-cover image was created (and then edited) primarily using this website: https://waifulabs.com/ [P.S. If you've never seen this site check it out, it's an awesome waifu generator]

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Awakening of the Crimson Guardian

"In this world, you cannot always survive by only doing what is morally right." Myalis, a young brave, beautiful, and rebellious girl who led a happy and peaceful life with her family, some of history's most powerful beast tamers, life changed after awakening a talent that could change her fate. She witnessed a traumatic event, one which was caused by a threat operating in the shadows, one that ripped her apart from those that she loved and one that she was powerless to stop. Due to which, she discovered a truth, that altered her perception of reality. She was reborn, giving her access to a variety of skills, including the ability to tame beasts, transforming her into something no one had imagined she could become, bestowing upon her a power that had been lost for ages, enacting a long lost and terrifying prophecy. However, everything was different this time, including her objectives; she was unlike any other before her, and she drew the attention of many powerful beings, resulting in many conflicts, one of which threatened to destroy everything she knew. Will she be able to protect what she built? Will she be able to overcome those that oppose her and demonstrate her power or will she fail in fulfilling her purpose? What will be her path, darkness or light? What is her true intent? Follow the young woman on an exciting and mysterious journey as she overcomes countless obstacles in her path as she explores the limits to her abilities, develops special relationships with monster girls and many other beings as she rises to power, and unearths many sinister secrets about the world that have the potential to topple empires and unleash anarchy, all while rebuilding what was lost after becoming the leader of powerful beings and walking a precarious line between life and death. Note: MC's system will appear a bit later in the story, not the first set of chapters. Other tags- Evolution- Overpowered MC- Fantasy creatures- Slice of life- Mature- Revenge- Magic- Mystery- Beautiful female lead- Dark- No NTR- Dungeon.

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364 Chs


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