Unexpectedly Loved By The CEO Book

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Unexpectedly Loved By The CEO


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Olivia, a 23-year-old woman, was fired by his boss because of an accusation without any proof. She then grabbed the opportunity of being the secretary of a famous CEO who makes every girl go crazy on him. Everything was going pretty well as they go on a boss-secretary relationship until Olivia's boss decided to break his own rule; to not fall in love with someone who's working for him. ... Hi, VCakes! I'm hoping that you're all having fun while reading my first ever story here in Webnovel. English is not my native language so please bear with me but I promise to improve my skills from time to time. I'm open for any suggestions and constructive criticisms. Feel free to message me on my following accounts: Email: vampeecake@gmail.com Discord: Mj#1916 Wattpad: VampeeCake I'm more active on Discord so you can message me there anytime. I'm also open for businesses and collaborations if there will be an opportunity. Looking forward to it soon! Thank you for your support! Disclamer: I do not own the cover, I'll take it down once the owner demands.


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