Unexpectedly It's you Book

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Unexpectedly It's you


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Verona, a rich 19 year old, beautiful girl, who thought that life would be easy after the hard-working high school years. But little did she knew that it would change drastically during her college life. On the college orientation day she had chosen to major in music, because she is fully passionate about music. Her dream is to become the most beloved guitarist. her father also supports her very much. But unfortunately, her mother doesn't support her to do it. Her mother wants her to study business and inherit her conglomerate company. Despite her good grades in school, her mother dreams to let her become the next CEO of her company, which has been passed from generation to generation. She also wants her daughter to marry her friend's son Drew, (who is tall, lean, handsome and intelligent as if god had been very focused and careful while making him) after finishing her college and to perform ring ceremony after 3 months. He has also taken over his family's company few months ago and has been managing it perfectly. In order escape from all these troubles, Verona ran away from home with her father's help and stayed at college dorms with her best friend Anna. Verona, Anna and Jim have been friends since their birth because their parents were friends too. Let's see what is happening in Verona's hectic life.>>>>


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