Unexpected Marriage: The Possessive Mr CEO Book

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Unexpected Marriage: The Possessive Mr CEO


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Gabriella Alexa Dinata is a 22-year-old girl who never thought that her decision to sell herself to pay for her brother's treatment, got her married to the handsome man who bought her. The man is a 25-year-old CEO who is handsome of European descent, named Jayson Melvin Orlando. He married Alexa without love, for no apparent reason until Alexa was very curious about the sudden marriage. Over time, Alexa realized that the impromptu marriage had sparked a love in her heart for Melvin. But can Melvin love Alexa? and actually what makes it difficult for him to love Alexa but still marry her, even being very possessive and reluctant to be left. Instead of being curious, let's read Story by Me Art by Pinterest


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