87 Chapter 87. You Are So Stupid

Hearing Anna's refusal, Devan squeaked. "Then don't get hurt."

"Do not get sick."

"Don't starve like a STUPID."

And all the words of the man managed to make Anna gape again.

"If you still want to work in this house, hear my word for it, you understand?" said Devan again.

"You think I want to work here? I'm more comfortable working in an office than here," Anna grumbled.

"What? Be clear on your words."

"I-I mean, I'm sorry sir. After this, I will try not to get sick anymore," replied Anna quickly in a voice that was louder than before.

"Good. Then, now show me your injured leg," said Devan.

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"I-I can treat it myself, sir."

"Then, do it."


"Treat your wound now."

." B-but..."

"Do it or I don't let you go home?"

Anna is stunned, does that mean she has to show her thighs to Devan? Huh, what kind of situation is this?

"O-okay, then you turn around, sir," said Anna..

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