41 Chapter 41. First Day Of Work (3)

"Well, there's not much time, you go in," Clarissa said.

"You can go after cleaning the room," she added again and then returned to focus on the file in front of her, ignoring Anna again.

Anna took a deep breath, immediately she entered the room again with an inexplicable feeling.

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Seeing the spacious room that was so masculine, Anna then put her bag on the sofa and then started to tidy up the room, all the cleaning equipment was already there. It seemed that Clarissa had been waiting for her since earlier to do this job.

"Okay. Let's get this over with as quickly as possible," she monologued as she rolled up her sleeves.

Until several tens of minutes had passed, the door of the room suddenly opened making Anna who had just finished her work startled.

"Already?" She is Clarissa.

"Now hurry, you get out. The leader is already downstairs," said the woman again as she pulled Anna out of the room..

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