1 Ch.1

So there I was minding my own business, just a normal twenty-two year old engineering major born in the beginning of the twenty first century. Life was meh, then it went to shit with a pandemic like God was playing the aforementioned game when Russia decided to start world war three. Yeah, not so great an idea as it turns out. They invaded the Ukraine and a Japanese ambassador was killed.

America and the second Cold War started off until Russia gave Korea the technology to make ICBMs capable of reaching america then all hell broke loose. Everyone was nuked and I died in a fiery blast of radiations, heat and light. Yup, that's my story or it was until I woke up approximately two and a half million years in the past. I spent a total of two years scouting and surviving as I ended up building a sailboat boat and using some old survival tricks my friend's Vietnam veteran grandfather taught me to find and make clean water with filtered sand and clay.

I killed and boiled before cooking some fish before sailing out. It took three months on rough seas and I damned near died in a fucking hurricane that just missed me mostly. Even the outer storms was enough to have me praying to Buddha, Allah or whatever religious people were around. I sort of backpacked my way through Europe looking for humans and finding only homo habilis.

Basically it was a less hairy ape that clearly hadn't decided to be human or ape so it was somewhere in between. I made it to Tibet in China where a few of my buddies and I had backpacked just before college. Why did I go through all that you might ask? Well, I couldn't exactly put my finger on it, but something told me I needed to go there and sticking around America doing nothing in a swampy marsh didn't sound too fun.

I may have gone a bit crazy, being that I didn't even look like myself anymore when I looked in the water. Though that might've been because of the wild mushrooms and not so fun two years alone. Anyways, either in delirium or pure fucking luck, I fell into a cave struck by a meteor long before my arrival. Inside said cave ten ring like armbands glowed with an eerie light.

I barely had time to adjust my eyes before they flew off the ground and onto my arms. As if by instinct I knew how to use them and I facepalmed so hard when I realized where I was, the marvel cinematic universe. I headed to Nepal or where Nepal would eventually be founded. There I spent a long time in meditation until I found the damned time stone of all things.

Stupid me touched it and ended up seeing the beginning of the universe to the end from a universal standpoint. It would've driven me insane had I not already been there and back again after a million years or so. In the end it just helped me understand the universe and through it, sorcery. Yeah, I totally peaked into the future and saw all the magic I could learn.

I spent another hundred thousand years mastering it since there was literally nothing better to do. After that I sort of got bored so I learned everything I hadn't known about everything really. From technology to sciences and martial arts, I was a slow and steady study because I didn't want to have nothing to do when I was done.

Still, even prolonging the inevitable to avoid boredom, I was only able to make it last a million years. Now only four hundred thousand more to go before humans don't sniff each other's asses and bang in caves or trees. I decided a trip to Africa was called for to find the Vibranium and see what else I could pick up. One heart shaped herb later and I was questioning my role as a dumbass all over again.

Still, I met Bast, the panther goddess/alien, in a trance. I made a deal with her and she agreed since the only other option was worse for her. I took a large chunk of Vibranium and a single herb before leaving the rest to her chosen people whom had about three hundred and ninety thousand years to go still. With that, I gathered all the gravitonium, adamantium and some precious resources like gold and diamonds.

Basically anything worth having some of I had a lot, and anything scarce that wasn't Vibranium I had taken all of. I even visited the dragon in Ta Lo and punched it's heart…twice. Yeah, if I'm going to be in this crazy ass world, I'm going to be as bad ass as possible or so I told myself. Anyways, three hundred thousand years later an ice age started and I left the time stone on earth to head out and find Uru.

I found it and the dwarves who weren't so primitive, but were fucking tall as hell. I traded a bit of Vibranium for some Uru to make a magic ring since Virbranium and magic don't mix well when used directly. I made a separate entire dimension inside my ring with a spell and the time stone when I returned fifty thousand years later and took it from Agamotto, an old man who was using it to stay young and had found it in my absence.

He watched me make the all seeing eye as I called it and put the time stone inside it. I tossed it to him and he called it the eye of Agamotto. I swear I popped a blood vessel then and took my Vibranium, Gravitonium and Adamantium, leaving him there with the damned thing. I didn't need it anymore, at least not now anyways and I knew he'd take care of it so I headed out to make my own way in the world.

I trained warriors out of dumbasses holding clubs into speaking, reading and fighting badasses. It was like that for more than forty thousand years as the Ten Rings trained warriors in secret and never forgot their purpose and role, to rid the world of those who would enslave or destroy it. We watched the wars of man, participated in their battles to train our warriors and never once abandoned our purpose. I'd gone to Kun-Lun when the path opened, learned to hone my gifts in chi and taught my warriors their ways.

We stayed it Ta Lo, out of the path of history mostly and trained in the ways of war. We used Vibranium and dragon scale armor, weapons and tools. There was never more than a thousand men and women, but we all trained equally and they served me with absolute devotion. When the Eternals came to earth, we met them and I warned them that we protect this planet.

My warriors made arcane magic shields and drew their weapons ready for war, but the Eternals merely asked where the Deviants were. I waved a hand and the men parted, leading a group in as hundreds of dead Deviants were dumped in front of them I grunted. "I lost half my army to your friends. If you ten think you'll be enough, do try not to die as quickly as they did."

My rings lit up while my hands glowed and arcane magic sparked around me. The Eternals and I made an uneasy peace and we left. It'd been seven hundred years since Agamotto had formed the masters of the mystic arts and my people and I helped build the sanctums for the shield that now covers earth. Fifteen hundred years later I put my ten rings into a single ring and hid it in my temple before wandering into the Kree's line of sight.

I didn't particularly care what I looked like, having realized the body I was in clearly wasn't my own because I looked like the famous Dalthraki Khal Drogo himself. I had the heart shaped herb upgrade, magic, chi and tens of thousand of years of first hand war experience so I didn't fear the Kree even without my rings. Still, their experiments were…excruciating. The pain was like nothing I'd felt before seeing as I hadn't felt much when I died.

When it was over, I ended up a looking the same only I was a Viber like the DC universe's Cisco Ramon. It must've been a residual effect from the time stone or something because it did me little good since I could already open portals to alternate realities with magic. I gathered my ring once I freed myself and with my army and the other inhumans, we banished the Kree from earth.

We then turned on Alveus, aka Hydra and banished him from earth as well using a Kree portal stone. His followers didn't agree, be they human or inhuman, but I didn't give two shits. We disappeared from the world again into Ta Lo and stayed there training the ten rings, sending out the new members to conquer evil and destroy it or simply to join whatever battles that the regular humans thought up.

When the Dweller in the Darkness and it's soul eaters came to our pocket dimension, it got more than it bargained for and was destroyed in the end by me. What little remained of my army after wiping out all the soul eaters regrouped and more humans from outside made their way inside having fled from their own village being attacked along the way. They learned of my order and it's responsibilities and many joined us over time.

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