Researcher: Hassan Abbas (Registration No. 64992)

Research Focus: Causes of increasing unemployment rate in Pakistan. Its effects and Potential Solutions.

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School: Bahria University Karachi Campus, Pakistan.

Student Level: Bachleors.


An Analysis of Unemployment rate in Pakistan

Hassan Abbas, Bahria University Karachi Campus.

The issue of unemployment is a global issue with Pakistan being one of the many countries facing increment of Unemployment at an alarming rate.

The initiative of this research article is to introduce the term unemployment and take a deep look into the topic of unemployment as a whole to get a clear idea about term unemployment.

To take a look at the current position at which Pakistan stands regarding the issue of unemployment.

How unemployment effects Pakistan economically, politically and socially. The social and psychological impacts of unemployment on educated youth, the economical affects caused by unemployment in Pakistan and the effects of unemployment on Pakistani individuals, by making use of statistics and case studies.

The research article then focuses on what are the major factors that are the cause of increment of unemployment rate in Pakistan. These causes are related to basic problems like population growth and education etc.

Furthermore, the research article talks about the potential solutions for decreasing unemployment rate in Pakistan. It suggests the policies and course of action, policy makers of Pakistan should use and what amends they should make in-order to decrease unemployment rate in Pakistan.


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