Definition of Unemployment:

"Unemployment is the name of a condition of economy and a terminology that is referred to people (especially to the youth) that actively searching for jobs and are employable but are unfortunately unable to find a job."

The problem of unemployment is a global issue and reality; both the developed, developing and underdeveloped countries are suffering from this condition to some extent. Unemployment rate is considered to be a key indicator of the situation of economy of a nation if the condition of economy of a nation is poor then the jobs will become scarce and rate of unemployment is going to increase. When the condition of economy is healthy and there are plentiful jobs then the rate of unemployment is to be expected to fall.

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Pakistan is one of such countries that are facing issue of unemployment. According to Statista, for 2019, in Pakistan the unemployment rate was at 4.45 percent approximately, a slight increase from 4.08 percent the previous year. Whereas according to, Pakistan's unemployment rate in youth for 2019 was 8.88%, with 0.9% increment from 2018. It is discovered that into the main strategy of Pakistan. The unemployment problem in Pakistan today is indeed very grave economically, socially and politically because the negative outcomes of unemployment are divers and alarming which includes migration to a different nation, ill health and mortality of citizens, loss of human capital and loss of interest in social life and future work skills in citizens.

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