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Undisputed WarChief


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Author: Seeing as I'm taking this novel off pause,I'll be leaving and not editing the first 5 chapters, They are rough bruhh so this is your warning, so you know what your walking into but after the fifth chapter it will be alot smoother. Run boy, and Don't you stop until you reach your uncle and no matter what, don't take off this necklace!! You hear me!!... "But But" Father, why what is happening don't make me leave, shut up, boy and get going!!... A man who desires revenge should dig two graves. War and Death escapes no one; this is the norm, and for the clan Vogsson who in the past were among the first clans to conqueror the north and gave way to the Norse lifestyle had slowly decade and gave way to there rival, all lands and blood would be taken until taken back.


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