Understanding each other - True Love
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Understanding each other - True Love


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What is Understanding each other - True Love

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The journey of Vick True Love…………………………………………….. Nila I have something to say (Vick Heart beating heavily), Vick said ‘I love you and I will love you with my whole heart till my last breath. Will you be my girlfriend?’ After five seconds Nila said ‘I also love you Vick’ (in silent voice). After one year of hard work Vick finally happy to hear Nilla words……… . . . . . Dad, mom I returned home……… All are very happy about Vick return to home, until next sentence Vick called security and intelligence team in-charge in intercom, gather all our team including the alpha team in our base in 30 minutes……. prepare all team for the mission All are anxious to know what happened…… ------------------ Vick is simple and silent type, a boy of few words, elder son of Krish family. Krish family is the most powerful and well-respected family in the main city of Country IND. Vick father Arjun and mother Kaviya. By following family tradition, Vick elder son must leave home at the age of 15 and can only return home after he succeeds in his own business. If he fails to achieve, the family business will be given to his younger brother Anbu and younger sister Sara. Even though he is okay with giving all his family business to Anbu and Sara, he still wants to achieve something in his life during his return home. Nila is from the middle-class family in City A. Nila father Murali has a small workshop and Nila mother Saranya manages a small restaurant. Nila and younger brother Akash helps mother to manage the restaurant during their free time. Nila family is very protective and loving. Nila goal is to find a job in a big company in the main city so that she can take care of her family. But Nila parents are opposing the idea of her going to the main city. A beautiful love story of Vick and Nila. A story about couple belief, understanding of each other, and how they overcome all their obstacles… *more realistic *some violence scene *No major misunderstanding between ML and FL *Its my first story, and English is not my first language. Don’t expect perfect grammar. *Read at your own risk *Cover is not mine, I don't own the copyright for cover, its from internet. *Comments are welcome *Weekly three chapters, Saturday - 1, Sunday – 1 and working day (any) - 1 Please feel free to leave comments and reviews, whether it's positive or negative it will be highly appreciated.

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The plot is nice, and there are less grammar errors, none i could point out actually, but you still need a lot to work on, i love that the siblings are in a good relationship, no fighting over family wealth kinda thing. You need to work on your plot introduction, try to make it more catchy and I'm sure readers will be hooked I wish you good luck in your novel 🎩 😁 👕👍Great! 👖


I feel it’s quite early to give a detailed review since it only has 5 chapters. Based on what I have read so far, the plot and the characters are interesting. There are a few grammar mistakes in the book but it doesn’t greatly affect the presentation of the story. Overall, this book has potential. :) Kudos to the author for this book and their hard work!


Three chapters is too less to put a proper review about, but so far, the plot feels cool. Somewhat correction is required when it comes to grammar, and keep up with it!


There isn't much for me to nitpick here except the small number of grammar errors ( getting an editor would easily fic that). I also suggest you break your paragraphs into smaller ones so that it doesn't feel too burdening while reading. The plot is good, the background the story is based on seems fine too. I couldn't give a detailed review since we are just 2 chapters into the story. Good luck, don't drop.


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