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Undercover Heiress


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Read Undercover Heiress novel written by the author anonymous_writer12 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering beauty, ceo, coolguy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[NOT RECOMMENDED TO HATERS OF CLICHE NOVELS] In the large bedroom, a young woman clutched onto a letter. This wasn't her first time reading it, however, it didn't stop the surging memories of her past to overwhelm her. Aria Zhong leaned against the door and pinched the area between her brows. Unlike her usual aloof and cold persona, her eyes held a tinge of sadness. Once more, she read the letter to herself: 'Dear my beloved Ria, By the time you're reading this, I'm no longer with you. I'm sorry I failed as a parent, a role-model, and as someone who teaches you life-skills but I knew that if I continued living this way, my emotions with only implicate you negatively. My dear daughter, I hope you grow up to be a beautiful and intelligent woman. I wish for you to make new friends, attend school, shopping, do girly-stuff, fall in love, marry the right person, and have children. The thing I regret most in life is not watching you grow up and not being able to see my future grandchildren. I blame myself for all the mistakes and the possible emotional turmoils you may face. I failed not only myself but you as well. Please live happily. I may no longer be with you but promise to forever love you. Love, Dad' For the next minute, Aria rested her forehead on her knees as a single tear made its way down her enchanting face. 'Why'd you leave me alone?' she thought inwardly ------------------ She wiped her tear-stained face and walked out of the room. The letter was hidden under her closet. "Young Miss...." the old butler called out. His eyes were filled with pity. Throughout her life, he witnessed how all the loved ones of Aria died before the young lad. "Butler Zhao, I'll be out for a few months," Aria emotionlessly spoke, "may I know where?" he responded a little confused. His' young miss was a pure genius, and she already mastered college courses in her early-mid teens. "to college. It was Father's last wish." Butler Zhao stood rooted to the ground as he watched the figure slowly disappear. ------------------------ Never would he expect that his Young Miss' days in college would change her for the better. ------------------------ Aaron Young, the number one bachelor of Country X, gazed at the figure standing before him. The man was perfect in every way possible. From his face to body to wealth to brains and strength. Despite the lovestruck expressions of many ladies, he only paid heed to Aria. But, 4 years later, will that same love still exist? -------------------------------------------------- THE COVER IS NOT MINE. I FOUND IT ON PINTEREST SO CREDIT TO THE ARTIST.


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