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Under These Stars


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“THEA! THEA, WAIT! LET ME EXPLAIN!” he said while worry consumed him. What would happen if she took two more steps? She would be dead. Gone. The woman everyone is crazy about. The woman who’s looking would make even the most selfish and confident people feel insecure. Damien stopped running after her. Suddenly Thea's heart begins to race faster than her thoughts. Was he really going to say it? No, he wouldn’t... He was already speaking nonsense, so what would stop him from saying those words... As more tears fell from her face, the more Damien grew angry. When she ignored him, he hated it. But, this was a whole new level of hatred. For himself causing her this pain in her perfect small body, which he knew all too well. Before any words could form in her head, Damien already said, “Thea Grace Wren, I love you.”


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