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Under Hiatus is a popular web novel written by the author Mellize, covering REINCARNATION, VILLAINESSNOBLEGIRLS, ISEKAI, OTOMEGAME, ROMANCE, GOREANDVIOLENCE, SLOWPACED, SCHEMESANDCONSPIRACIES, CHARACTERDEATHS, HALLUCINATIONS, Historical Romance genres. It's viewed by 65.3K readers with an average rating of 4.7/5 and 22 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 1 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Cider, a mere Level designer assistant for an otome game, Thorny Roses, was vexed to find that the development team altered the role and characterization of her character, Cynthia Darlene Aletheia, into a villainess. Disappointed about the injustice Cynthia must have felt all throughout the game, Cider wished for another chance to change her character's fate. Unexpectedly, Cider becomes the villainess herself and and walks down a dark path as she struggles to survive. Cover by: Liphy Updates: Weekly

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I would just like to let everyone looking around know that the author moved all the chapters from Auxiliary Volume to an actual volume, and that resulted in all the reviews posted on the book having their Reading Status reverted to Chapter 0 (since the chapters they read up-to exist no more in a sense).


Chapter four scared me, I thought you were planning to write ten chapters for that chapter but then it was only three since it was in decimal notation. Anyway, back to the review: At first, I was doing this for the sake of a review swap but never mind that, I'm reading the whole thing when I have time. I love how you express the looks, the apparels, of the characters. The way you portray them is great. Grammar and punctuation is great, little to no mistakes at all but a little flourishing can do. Still, that is not worth downgrading a star in writing quality. The narration, I love it and there is this weird voice in my head who acts as the narrator while I read. Story development, smooth so far with everything described precisely when it comes to the world background. Overall, take all my stars!


The thing is: with only a few chapters, I'm already in love. The writing is so immersive and I can't help but love how the characters are being slowly developed. I'm anxious to see how things will turn out to be! Also, please, someone give Cynthia's dad a proper punch. A hard one. Right in his face.


The story progress was so cool! I'm deeply in loving the characters! The plot was amazing and I definitely want some more! Author please release some more! I also have a book and I hope you will also review it. It was called Lumia: Other World. Happy reviewing!


Reveal spoiler


The characters were presented in a way that you can’t help but want to know more. And yet it feels like you know enough to fall in love with them. From Cider, the Queen, and Darrel. I couldn’t help but fall for these characters that hold their own unique charm. Dialogue was great and never did I ever feel like it was mechanical or unrealistic, all the dialogue felt organic and charming. The only thing I could say is that I feel like the world hasn’t really been shown or explored. Then again it’s very early into the story. And this could easily be because the story hasn’t gone far enough yet. Altogether an enjoyable read that I eagerly await to follow. Keep up the great work Mellize 😃👍


Nice cover page. Nice title and good synopsis. Oh great writing quality too. From the synopsis I could ascertain wat happened to poor cider. Boy am I glad she gets a chance to change the producers blunder. I mean imagine u give your novel to a producer and he changes the protagonist... Reality of the real world sucks. Well the wishing well was great add to d Novel. Still in reading and av added to my library. Thanks again author.


I just finished all the chapters of the story it's really good. I really loved how good the narration and The character is unique as well. It's really hard to rate this since it had a few chapters, but i can assure that this story is really worth to wait and to read.


It's is so good. I'm glad I read your story. It immediately enter my reading list. Sorry, I'm not good at grammar so I can't give you anyccritic. Keep going. Ganbare😊


I absolutely adore this story, although it’s only the beginning. Writing style is of quality and the detailing of the plot is on point. I love how the author did their homework in researching the custom in correspond to the setting. The details really make the story. Character wise, I have no complain. I can see how the author is leaning more towards showing then telling which is a plus point. I can’t wait for more chapters! This story is really intriguing! Worth your time!


Hard to juge with stars with so few chapters released, the story is new. I hope this story will continue. It's rare to read a real narration in original books and the narration is great. This is not a first draft posting to post something but a well reasoned work of a legit person knowing how to write. We can see a lot of work and efforts were made in the writing, probably not mere hours from the idea to the publication. I hope you will have the courage to go on like this. I really want to know where it will go.


I liked the text block, good style, the dialogs are clear and understandable. The title page is beautiful. The 2 chapters read make it difficult to judge the whole novel, but it seems to me a very promising story. Good luck to the author!


Though only few chapters the story is developing nicely. Sometimes it is kind of confusing but overall it's nice. Keep up the good work dear author. Hope to get daily updates too💙💙💙💙 All the best☺☺


I like the story concept and the flow of the writing! The only thing I want is maybe a little bit more alacrity between sequences, and I'd also like clearer hints where the story is going... Overall, very nice read : )


It is just the beginning of the story so, there's nothing much for me to say. Writing quality is good and well detailed. I am looking forward to how the story develops.


I just want to say that I love villainess otome type novels. I am excited to see what happens to Cider in the future and how things play out for her transmigration. Keep up the good work!


what an interesting read. i found your way of writing creatively fascinating and the characters were well developed. the dialogue was realistic. niiice job <3


My thoughts on this is mostly focused on the portrayal of the characters, they seem so lifelike, their dialogue really brings them to life. Each one has its own characteristics and manner of speaking, which is what I love the most about this story. I'm interested to know more about the setting though. I will keep reading. ☕️


I love this! I have always loved to read isekai story (especially korean webtoons), and this one absolutely delivers! I wish i can be isekaied to a world full of handsome guys around me *sigh* Anyway, i really like the plot of the story, and i will read more of your chapters when i have the time! Added this to my library ^^ Good job!


I absolutely love this novel to an extent that words can’t even describe! I’m so glad I started to read this story it is amazing, I love the characters and the story development! This novel leaves me wanting more and more I’m starting to feel greedy.😂 Hoping for Cider to become more smarter in next chapters. Good Work. :)


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