1 1.Kicked Out of Hospital

"Get out !!! take it and get lost ! Don't even try to fight back." saying this the hospital director threw the papers on her face . The papers contains the information about all the surgeries that weren't performed by her but was registered under her name . That was because something went wrong with the surgeries and they just made her THE scapegoat. Now , using those surgeries as excuse they want to kick her out .

She was shocked by the shamelessness of the director . She said ," Don't worry .I won't disappoint you and will definitely win against all of you ."

"What ?? Do you think you can win when chairman and his son is involved?" replied the director. He continued," If you insist on fighting then those ,who are close to you will also be suspended along with you . If you want them to live comfortably you must quit voluntarily."

It's not like she was scared . She has nothing to lose so, she wasn't afraid . But she was worried about her teammates. What will happen to them ? Will she want to be the one responsible for their misfortunes?

Answer was clear . So, She quit .

For the sake of her loved ones in the hospital, she walked away .

But , she will come back . She will make everyone who sacrificed her regret it . For now , she want to live with her family and enjoy the days off . She is not the one to be discouraged . For someone, who has survived in the society without any protection since she was young , it was nothing.

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