2 Evolving From a Skeleton!

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"Every time I think of the moment when the world was destroyed, countless images flash before my eyes. Countless families and relatives were all turned into ashes in the hands of the gods," he said to himself.

After a long time, Bruce finally calmed down from the tragic emotions he felt over the destruction of his previous world.

Since he was here, he should accept this reality and do what he should.

He had become a skeleton in the game world, and he had to live well with this identity.

Ten years later in this life, would the real world really be like his previous life?

It would merge with the game and be destroyed by the gods.

Bruce wasn't sure, but he only knew that the biggest crisis he was facing was the arrival of the players in three months!

The fourth natural disaster was not an empty title.

When the players arrive, all the monsters would become the targets of the players.

He was just a small skeleton at the bottom of the undead race.

Even high-level undead like the Skeleton King, Death Knight Earth, Lich, and Ghost Queen would not be able to withstand the wrath of thousands or tens of thousands of players!

He would have to level up and evolve!

Only by becoming strong enough in these three months would he be able to secure his future. Only then would he be strong enough to fight against the gods.

At that time, he would be qualified to consider the catastrophe ten years later!

He was but a small skeleton at the bottom of the undead race, so he had to reach a level where he would not fear the arrival of players. Even with ten years of gaming experience in his previous life, it was a challenge that was almost impossible for Bruce to complete.

The first time he checked his stats panel, Bruce had found a breakthrough in his growth.

The talents in Second World were generally referred to as racial talents.

For example, the elves had the racial talent of being friendly with plants, which allowed them to easily communicate with plants and hide in the depths of the forest.

The dwarves had the racial talent of forging, which allowed them to easily forge higher quality equipment.

The orcs had the talent to go berserk, and they could go berserk after reaching a certain level and kill monsters.

There were many others in-game.

It was not uncommon for such a talent to exist in such races.

Other humans and undead who turned into souls also had their own racial talents. 

However, the individual talents of each race were different.

Other than some extremely ridiculous talents, the majority of any individual's talents showed great potential!

And whether an individual could turn his potential into strength and truly grow depended on whether or not he could make good use of his talent!


Bruce did not know where this talent of his came from.

Perhaps it was because he had turned from a player into a monster, and his soul had mutated, or perhaps it was because he had returned from the future ten years later to the present, or because of the world's reward for him. He only knew that this talent was his chance of becoming stronger!

"Unfortunately, the attributes panel didn't give me a description of this talent. The use of the [ devour ] talent can only be slowly explored by myself," Bruce said.

Sighing silently in his heart, Bruce lifted his head and looked into the distance.

He was in a boneyard.

As the gathering place of the skeleton race, it was naturally impossible for him to be the only skeleton in the boneyard.

He was reborn was at the edge of the boneyard, which was also the place where countless weak skeletons like him lived.

In the depths of the boneyard, there was an even denser aura of death, which also gave birth to even more powerful undead creatures.

In the core area of the boneyard, there were skeleton warriors, terrifying mages, skeleton knights, death knights, and other middle or even high-level undead.

This was just the starting point.



He suddenly heard the slight sound of bones shaking.

Bruce began to move.

He was a player in the real world and had turned into a skeleton in the game world. Apart from feeling light when he walked, he did not feel any discomfort.

Even his field of vision was not much different from when he was a player.

After taking a few steps and getting used to his current body, Bruce picked up a thigh bone from the ground full of bones and walked towards a skeleton not far away from him.

He was hunting.

If he wanted to evolve from a skeleton to an intermediate or even high-tier undead, hunting was essential. In that boneyard, there was nothing more suitable as a hunting target than countless skeletons.

Bruce slowly approached a pile of them.

The skeleton that he took as a hunting target still stood there blankly.

As the lowest-level skeleton, it had no memory, nor did it have consciousness. Other than when it sensed the aura of the living, it would instinctively attack, and only when it was attacked would it automatically counterattack.

This made it even more convenient for Bruce to hunt.

One step at a time.

Five meters.

Three meters.

Two meters.

When he was only half a meter away from the skeleton, Bruce raised the thigh bone in his hand and used all the strength in his body to smash the skull of the skeleton!


A crisp sound was heard!


"Congratulations on killing a 'weak skeleton'!"

"You have gained 10 experience points."

As the skeleton fell to the ground, pop-up notifications appeared on Bruce's status panel.

Thanks to the existence of the monster template, after killing the skeleton, Bruce did not have to personally devour the soul fire that symbolized the skeleton's origin. The soul fire that was killed by the skeleton would turn into experience points and automatically fuse into Bruce's body.

'Killing a skeleton of the lowest level will give me 10 experience points. In other words, if I kill another nine skeletons, I will be able to move up to Level 2. This doesn't look so bad!' Bruce thought.

Looking at the information that appeared on the status panel, Bruce's suddenly felt a little strange.

After killing that skeleton, he clearly felt that the body left behind by that skeleton, which was a pile of scattered bones, was attracting him!

What was going on?

'Could it be that I was reborn as a skeleton and got infected with something strange?'

He kept thinking about this in his heart.

He could not hold back the desire in his heart and squatted down gently as he pondered.

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