7 Chapter 6:"Mother of dragon's and empress of snakes"

The earthlings panicked when the earth seemed to tore apart. The pressure which came with earths anger, let human over human fall into deep slumber and only the strongest under them could barely survive just to end up dying from the shock, not even having the time to wet their pants.

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As a sexy, short and devilish lady made her way through the corpses while looking down her nose at the dead forming an disgusted face, making an arrogant hand wave and fire leapt out in a flash and erased the whole existence of those "worms" in a breath as if it was the most normal thing in the world to do ... Leaving an earth wounded by her flames and yet you could still think nothing ever happened as it was quite peaceful now after everything had left this place....

She knew exactly where to go and went her way without hesitation and yet every step of her was very elegant and dangerous like a ticking time bomb if it was to stop at it's target it would surely explode...

The stairs didn't seem to end, yet she knew this was just a tiny illusion specially created for her heartwarming welcome, a sinister look appeard on her face when she thought about how GREAT it will be, she "chuckled." "Ahh i am finally back", she said with a toothyly smile and her eyes emitted killing intend .

Her eyes pierced through everything on her way, if she used her soul force she would destroy the castle in the blink of an eye but she didn't, she wanted to torture a certain someone and it wouldn't be any good if that someone died without any pain no?!

She smiled as she reached the giant bronce door of the throne room her hair red as blood opening the throne room while silencing some arnts which came in her way but no one could stop her! She would get her revenge.

''Medusa is back darling.'' It wasn't a lovely way to ''return'' but a ''warning.''

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