Uncrowned Queen
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Uncrowned Queen


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What is Uncrowned Queen

Uncrowned Queen is a popular web novel written by the author MedusaDiva, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 27K readers . The novel is being serialized to 9 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


'Celeste" the main character of this light novel is an angel like Princess of her continent. She's a legend of ancient times which you rarely ever got to hear. Please accompany her on her journy when she shakes a whole continent known as the heavenly goddess. If you wanna know which encounters she makes and how the uncrowned Queen turns into the heavenly Goddess she is now known all over the world as. Then you got to read this story full of different encounters, decisions and emotions. Will she fullfil her destiny or will it turn out different in the end?!

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I, was asked to do this by the author, and encouraged by Zhen_xin I'm mostly going to judge on how this novel makes me feel. The, MC is a pretty princess, so naturally she wants to get away from the pretty castle. The problem is she, seemingly has no skills that let her survive outside the caste... this sounds like the plot to a H novel. I, do not know the target audience here, but I just cannot connect to this MC, and this could of easily changed, if you had told me she was an ugly kindhearted princess who was bullied in the castle so she decided to escape, to be free of her torment. The MC, is the core of the novel, one you should aspire to be, or understand, so far my impression is dumb spoiled pretty girl, sounds like someone who I would just avoid... Story development? I, guess its there, but it lacks soul the happy moments the sad moments are just bland, MC was tossed in a cell. theirs no tears no sadness no sense of rebellion just ok! ill walk there... even if the MC says im sorry you where right... World-Background, none given- all that is know so far is there is a magic castle. is combat with swords or magic? Don't know again its early.. Character Design- It is a bit early, but so far its all cookie cutter, there are signs of a possible interesting person, but I do not have hope at this point, sense the MC was a failure. Grammar, the truth is this is the most important part of writing, but at this point the author is working with rusted tools.


Overall, really good. I can see that you are having fun into writing this because of the own little world you have. Creating something allows you to be free with your writing. I hope you continue to have fun in writing as well as continuing. Good luck in your future endeavors


clearly this story has the It factor, maybe just too much description, im not the best author but i try my best. Im assuming the author is genuine and is trying there best. be open minded to fully read it. My only insight for you would be to make something different about the character so people can say wow this is different, maybe I've read to many books? Great job! (^=^)/


It's a compelling story with interesting characters. I can only suggest the author to perhaps re-check the punctuations once. Keep it up! :)


You have an interesting story although I found grammatical errors here. And instead of "i", make it capital "I". Plus you should use commas since it helps with the sentences a lot, readers can misinterpret sometimes. Anyway, other than that, the story is good and your characters are fine as well. Keep up the good work!


The novel is pretty good so fr. The MC has an interesting background and seeing the interactions she has with other characters really is kind of nice. There are some problems with capitalization and in some areas of the novel words would be switched up in a sentence. For example instead of having something like “I like pigs” we get “i pigs like” This is nowhere in the novel, this is just an example that I came up with. This doesn’t really affect the overall quality of the story, but I have to mention this since this is a review. There are not enough chapters for me to judge how the update stability is yet and as for the character designs, it recieved an A+. There is not much development in the plot as this is still early on but from what I’ve read so far, I can genuinely say that I look forward to future updates. Keep up the good work author and good luck!


I wanted more. I felt connected to the character and you woke me up! Your descriptions are good I like your style of writing. My Story...... Argh! I want you to continue not to end it here. I hoped more of plot reveal i am sorry to say but story didn't develop, last punch wasn't strong enough to end on high note. So many questions left unanswered. I would have given it a 5 star if it didn't end! Sigh!


There was some minor spelling errors, the story was very descriptive especially of the MC. I saw that rating did not come up, so sorry for the mix-up.


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