UNCOVER (English Version) Book

novel - Historical Romance

UNCOVER (English Version)


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Kisha Alexandra Almora, a little sweet girl who has to get in a dark world which she never imagined before. She’s desperate because she feels a lot of pain in her journey life, it started from her family’s death, one by one, and it leads to the real ruin of her life.  Not long after her mother’s death, her father also left her for good. The anomaly of her parent’s death makes Kisha decides to find out the truth. It’s about the truth which Kisha herself never think before.  After her parent’s death, Kisha decides to join with detective organization to get more information. There, she gets a lot of new experiences that she never had before. And this is the story. A story of Kisha Alexandra Almora.  . . . DON'T FORGET TO REVIEW AND COLLECT, THANK YOU :) THIS STORY IS 100% FROM AUTHOR JUST, FOR ENTERTAINMENT JUST AND NOT A REAL STORY THAT REALLY HAPPENED !!! *Other Stories: 1. UNCOVER 2. POLIGAMI 3. POLIGAMI New Generation 4. Bukan Salah Rasa 5. Jika Takdir Berkehendak *Ig Author : @kazumiaisha_