4 chapter 3 home ,talk and haaroon

the whole way back to their home was awkward the girl whose name I still don't know was crying and the guy whose name I came to as amir was looking at her phone I on other hand don't know what to do so I keep quiet.

when we reached their house it was late or early in the morning and everyone else was asleep so they put me and the girl in ame room as it will be easy to guard so here I am in her room setting on a chair and looking around as I don't have much to do what should you do when you try to be kind and get yourself in trouble and no one can help you now .I never thought so I don't know.

the girl has changed her clothes and now wearing a simple white kurta and blue pajama and in her hand she has a another set of clothes. she pushes the clothes in my direction and say....

"you should change too."

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I don't make any move so she puts the clothes near me and take a seat on bed for a few minutes she looks like she is wants to say something but don't and finally after few minutes if silence she says

"I am sorry to bring you in all of this "

well it was her fault so I just nod my head in a yes and she continues

"I dream sorry but I had no other option "

so I decided to know her better and asked her

"why did you run away?"

so takes a deep breath and try to explain

"you see my mother wants to fullfil my father's last wish he promised my aunt my hand for her son .."

I don't see any problem in that maybe she loves someone so I asked

"do you have someone else...."

she cuts me off mid sentence and says so fast

"no no NO nothing like that "

so I asked her

" so then what is the problem.."

she again take a deep breath and say

"you see I never liked someone and when my father said he wants me to marry my cousin I thought they are talking about amir as he is older and all ....."

she stop and look at me with sadness in her eyes and continue talking

"but my mother asked my aunty for younger one haaroon "

and .....she gets up walks towards window and look outside for a moment and say

"he scars me I don't want to marry him"

ok maybe she is thinking too much or he scars her well I don't blame him look at this girl she can be scared easily. born in mafiya family but still she is a softy .so I asked her

"he did something to you...?"

she looks at me and say

"no no but he just scares me I have not seen him for a while but truthfully speaking I avoid walking or talking to him "

she is really is scared I don't know what else to say as I don't know haaroon and I can't say anything so I changed the topic and asked her

"so what now "

she trys to smile and say

"now nothing whatever will happen ,let's just try to sleep "

but I and her we both know we can't sleep as her faith was going to be decided tomorrow and I might die tomorrow who knows. ......