3 chapter 2 say wha...t

"say my name again "

ok I am confused what he wanted to know about her sister so desperately few minutes ago and now when I told him where he can find her ,he is just asking me to say his name who does that....so I asked him

"say what?"

he gives me his long stare like a mother gives his child when she catches him doing something he is not supposed to yeh that eyes I am talking .

he waits few minutes and then say


I ignore him or try my best to maybe he is here till his men catches her sister .he is here to ensure I doesn't run yes that is the only explanation I can think of .

he slowly take his right hand and take it to back maybe he is feeling itchiness hey bad men to get itchiness I am about laugh but my smile drops as soon as I saw what is it .he pulls a gun from behind and set on table in front of him and say


well any smart person would do anything they are asked in this situation and I even jump from window if he says .jumping out of window will only break few bones that can be heals but a bullet...no no I do not want to die this young I have not even had my first kiss so no no .so I said it.

"Mr. amir.."

he closes his eyes and then while holding gun in his right hand he makes a move from left hand to continue so I said again.

"Mr. amir"

I thought maybe he is sleeping as fir a few moments all I can hear was his breaths and my fast beating poor heart. so i thought maybe i should run as i moved towards te door before I can open it .it opens itself and his men and the poor girl comes in .

she looks more scared than before and I I was in her place I will feel the same .his men drops her like a doll in front of his legs and by the look on her face she is ok with it.i decided to keep quiet as he still has his gun and his men are here too.

the girl starts crying and keep saying words like "sorry ","please","I can't " and all he is doing is keeping his eyes close like it does not effect him.

and suddenly he opens his eyes looks the girl and then me and say while looking at me .

"we are going home"

and gets up move towards the door I feel bad for the girl but I can not help her I once tried but if I do it again he will surely kill me he holds her sister hand and walk slowly very slowly his men do the same .I was about to feel ok but he stops just near the door and says

"you too"

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you too what he supposed to mean by that as I say

"no no ...no"

he again make a movement of his hand and his men grab me and pushes me toward door .and all he says one last time

"let's go home"

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