2 chapter 1

I was washing my face suddenly I heard loud knocks on my hotel room .As it was past midnight I can not think of anyone who would come here the more I moved close to the door te more I can hear knocking. it is making me scared.

I slowly asked in trying to be confident tone

"who it is ?"

who ever the person stops knocking and I hear some words on other side like they are arguing about something. I saw the knife on the table which I had for fruits I picked it up and wait by the door to hear .but the door opens and few mens walk inside some of them have guns and some just walked straight toward me I tried to run toward bathroom but one of them catches me .and ine of them call to who ever te person was their head.

"we have her sir "

A men wearing jeans and white tshirt comes inside he walks toward me and ask me .

"were is she "

I don't know who he is asking about but I tried to look for a way to run thinking of any plan I can come up with at this point.

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he keeps on stearing me like looking that way I will tell him things .

he asks asks again but I ignor him as I had I planned my death 10 ways in my mind .he gets frustrated and walks near he pulls my hair back and keep his eyes one my eyes for one minute I thought he was shocked but then he again masked all the emotions and ask me


I does not wanted him to know about the poor girl but it is been almost 1 hour she is already far away and maybe he will free me .

"she went away about 10 min ago "

well who said i have tell whole truth so i lied about time as it will buy her more time he does not look convincing so I said the one word I thought would make him believe me

"amir ....?"

it maybe worked as hearing me say the name he looked Shocked and then he speaks

"you all go find her and bring her to our house "

and I thought they all are leaving and all left but he took a seat on chair and keep on staring me it is making me awkward so I said

"I told then why are you here ?"

I thought so many things he would say like he knows I lied or maybe he is waiting to get clearify that they got her before freeing me and so many but what he said after few minutes of exchanging looks is all

"say my name again "

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