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UNCERTAIN FRIENDSHIPS is a popular web novel written by the author Bloom759, covering ROMANCE, MODERN, TEEN, YOUNG ADULT, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, CRUSH, WEBNOVEL, WATTAPADSTORIES, ORIGINACHARACTERS, Teen genres. It's viewed by 66K readers with an average rating of 4.71/5 and 30 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 31 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Constant relocation has been a regular thing for Katie Brooks. But suddenly she met herself in her new home where residing seems stable, with her new found friends, adversaries and possible Crushes? Katie will have to determine which is the right for her before it's too late Not your every crush next door cliche story What happens when you try fighting the cliche things mapped out in a crush next door story? Will Katie fall victim or will she create a new path of story line in her crush next door or is it just infatuation? Is infatuation always the right start to go with? You'll just have to find out It's a change from the stories I do so it may have it ups and downs so ? with me ? get it? The bear!? Anyways read at your own risk.

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This is an amazing story. I liked it so much and gonna read it till end. Wait for regular updates. Please keep updating. 💝💝Loved this novel's story plotting. 🙃🙃🙈


This book is great and it's getting better ❤️😘😍 it's worth the time. Your imagination runs wild and if you review the chapters give my Author some good vibe to continue and some advice if you have. The book is great. There's new beginnings, new friendshi**, and there's a girl whose new to this. Give this book more than a chance 😉 you won't be disappointed ❤️😍. This book has me laughing, it's got drama that puts me at the edge of my seat😌❤️


The story got the realistic feels about it! Gonna add this on m y recommendations list for everyone who wants to read **** fiction! The book is great, author!


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Perfect. I like this story of yours....... Keep on updating this book, will wait for more !!


The imagination you have is wild and that's honestly good. Looking forward to reading all of your works!♥✌.


😁 highly recommended to those who enjoy reading stories that are realistic. There is no doubt that the female leads life experiences will have some sort of connection with those who choose to read this story. My teenage years are long gone however I too have come to many crossroads during my teens where my choices have lead to where I am now. So kudos to you author, you have intrigued me with such an easy going plot. Did not think I would continue reading however I was quite easily swayed when I could not easily predict the outcome of this story. Good job author👍 oh and good job on the writing skills😄😄😄


Readers, if you are really looking for a novel that is packed with action, romance and friendship, this is the book for you. A young girl surviving from constant relocation struggles to find love in a new place. If you are in search for a novel like this trust me, don't go reading another book apart from this. This Novel is fantastic.


So, I started reading this story two days ago and let me be honest, I was addicted. I could related very closely with the protagonist as I am someone who had to relocate a lot all my life and literally all the struggles depicted in this is very real. Character development is commendable. I am sure that this author is going a long way and we will be hearing a lot from her in future. Keep going 🙌🏻🤗


Interesting so far. I have only read the first few chapters but what should I say? I am hooked. The characters are good. The setting is cool. Great work. Highly recommended.


Read at your own risk as the Author suggested. The stability rate is not so good. Now moving on to the good part.. It is one hell of narration style, loved it. Buck up Author you need to start updating more chapters here. I am waiting.


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A great work through and through! Impressive approach consisting of unique plot and intricately designed relationship between the characters, finely executed character portrayal along with the plot construction maneuvered masterfully close to perfection. The author did a commendable job in provoking our attention in a charming manner! Good job author.


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Love what you have here, the world and the characters are amazing. Really love your writing style and i can't wait for more updates. Nice lengths too


Very great ❤️ Can't wait for future updates. Congratulations for having so many great reviews, I think this will be popular someday. We will support you 'til the last chap!


It's a good book. All though i think it's a bit fast. The idea is nice and I like how you utilized the 1st person perspective. Very creative!


I love the book! Anyone with good taste should give this book a try. I love how the characters and the world background are described! Give it a chance, it’s a very nice story!


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