9 Chapter 9: Second Attempt. It’s Different…

Five of them successfully intrude the main, they are invisible now, thanks to Eileen’s abilities that she can help others be invisible too. Her power got upgrade. “ What to do now, we need to quick.” Trixx asking. “ Trixx, you and Lisa go to the Cecil and Thora were hold! The rest follow me.” Sean gives the next move. They follow, as usual, even Trixx feels uncomfortable with Lisa but in order to succeed in this mission and fix everything in their place, she just okay. They split up and go to the route as follows.

“ I found them!” Lisa said it slowly. They manage to talk slow. Trixx follows Lisa’s back and they found Cecil and Thora trap in there. “ Thora, Cecil…” Trixx called them. “ Trixx, Lisa…” Thora stand up. Lisa unlocks Thora’s first from the cage. Trixx kept an eye surrounding them as they scared that it will be chaos. Now, Lisa tries to unlock Cecil’s. “ Lisa, there is something behind the neck of the StrangSpirt neck. The purple’s gem I guess, maybe that’s the source of he is being bewitched.” Said, Cecil. “ I see, now we need to get out from here first.” Said Lisa. “ Both of you already cultivate your inner energy, right? It may take time to heal, watch out…” Trixx involves and they are about to leave the room. Lisa take a lead to find the way out from there.

“ Where to go huh?” Suddenly, a group of StrangSpirt comes out. They ambush them. Lisa and Trixx don’t expect this. “ Stay back, we fight but not killing…” said Lisa, she has to remind them that not to killing as they have other plans. In a flash, Lisa took her courage and start to offense first. Trixx follows her step and starts attacking too. They are fighting over and that’s great as their counterattack are powerful than before. Thanks, due to their retreat before and now the group been collapsed. “ There are a lot still coming!” said Cecil. They keep moving.” Come on! Go over there!” Trixx lead them this time. They run over the higher place. “ Go after them!” one of the StrangSpirt yelled out, They chased Lisa’s group without thinking much.

As they come in the alley above, Lisa and Trixx send the signal. It was their trap for StrangSpirt! Sean and the other were waiting there. They set up a trap and gather as much as they could. “ Now!” Sean gives the orders. Eileen makes a huge wave and hold all the enemies. The enemies now in chaos as they do not see this coming. Eileen cools down the waves and the enemies lay down. “ Leon! Your turn!” said Sean. Leon nods and starts to make some sounds which are to make the enemies fall asleep. It was one of Leon’s abilities aside from the past future vision. Now the group of StrangSpirt being takedown by them. “ Assa! Well done you guys!” Lisa praised her team members. “ Cecil, Thora are you okay?” Sean asked. “ We are fine, thanks to your tips.” Replied Cecil. Thora hugs Eileen, it’s so nice to meet again right. Cecil told Sean about the weird thing on the StrangSpirt leader.

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Lisa observed their enemy’s situation. “ Wait, I think it’s not only the leader? But the whole tribe too, see this” Lisa shows that all the enemies that fall have the same remarks from Cecil’s saying. The others come to see. “ Yeah, how about we remove it from the first.” Suggest Eileen. These seem logical. “ Take them off, remove the remarks on everyone and Eileen, make the water’s cage.” Sean gave the order. Now, all of them remove the remarks on the enemies’ necks by crash the gems. After that Eileen builds up a cage from water to hold them. There will be an investigation after this. “ Now, we are waiting for them to wake up so that we can be asked them what happen.” Said Sean. There are safe for now, as they use Eileen's abilities to be invisible in the alley.

One by one of the StrangSpirt wake up after they remove the weirds gem in their neck. “ Uh! Where are we?” one of them asking, their eyes keep wanders. Sean and others already wait for them. “ Are you okay?” Lisa the first one who asked them. “ Yes, we are fine, but this head felt a little dizziness.” Replied one of them. “Thank goodness, may I know what happens to StrangSpirt actually?” Lisa pursue her question, “ Yeah, what happened? You are actually a firepit guardian but why disturbing humans and others?” Sean asked along too. He was curious. The StrangSpirt looks confused. But then he about to open his mouth to talk.

“ It’s happened about a year ago, someone in a black cloak happens to hurt and been saved by our leader in the forest, we can’t see his face, but it was a guy. However, after saving him, he turns our place into chaos with his dark magic. He almost kills our King too. Not knowing who him are and why but suddenly the King bewitched and turn out to be aggressive and have manipulation. Then we don’t remember what happened but all the tribe being controlled by this…” The StrangSpirt show the crack gem that been controlled them for a year. “ So, that’s why they become unaware and keeps disturbing others. “ It was GaMoon’s soul that you save, and it was a part of his plan so that he can control you,” Leon said. So, this GaMoon already has the helper that means GaMoon become stronger. “ No, it’s not GaMoon, he does not have the tattoo. All I sure he is human.” Continue the StrangSpirt. It was shocking news. A human. But he knew black magic. What happens?

“ It’s okay, we settle this thing first, and then we will think about that human.” Said Sean. “ You guys need to be careful, stay in here as this place is hidden by eyes,” Sean said. He and other teammates come to discuss. Base on the informant the King will appear if there is someone in the middle of the forest. There been said the king’s place was at the firepit. Moreover, it’s okay to them to go as the left out StrangSpirt not so many anymore. They just need to be careful. “ We will go together but a few people need to be exposed,” Leon suggests that ide. To be luring out the StrangSpirt. “ Let me be exposed!” Trixx offered herself. Sean and Leon nod. They begin their offense again and go through to the forest.

Trixx walks in front and been followed by others of her team member that already invisible. They been alert this time and keeps walking to arrive at the firepit in the middle of the forest. Today is the last day before the poison in Kay’s body spread worst. So, they need to finish them by today and get the cure. “ Remember, do not killing!” Sean reminds his fellow teammates again. “ You came to the wrong place!” suddenly a voice greets them. Trixx aware there is something come over! And attacks her. Luckily, she was fast enough to avoid and played defense, “ It was the king!” Trixx said to give out the info. Now, it was their time. “ Don’t be so sure!” Trixx replied to the King. She in a ready position to starts attacking. This time Lisa went at the back of the King with her teleportation and the king don’t see this coming. He thought Trixx was alone. Lisa went to behind and trapped the King. “ Now!” Lisa yelled. Leon makes a sound to fall asleep the king. “ Erghh! Attacks!” the king give the command, but all his troops already been capture by Sean and Eileen. Leon makes a strong sound as it may take time to make this king sleeps. And the things follow their plans. All the StrangSpirt have been put to the unconscious.

They remove the gem on the StrangSpirt necks. As this the only chance. So, now they need to wake up them again to ask for the cure. Kay’s still unconscious due to the poison that day and needs them. “ Leon wakes them.” Sean asking. Leon makes some music and they all slowly waking up. The king seems to be confused and dizzy. “ Oh! Thank you Lord!” he said that because he knew he been bewitched. “ You save us!” said him again. Lisa smiled. It was her idea after all not to kill them. She proud in silence. “ We never thought this happen. That human!” the king mad for sure. Eileen releases the others in the alley, and they reunited again. Now, they have come to a wave of peace. “ May we ask for the cure? One of our friends goes your poisonous splinter.” Sean asked politely. The king nods. “ here, we are sorry for attacking the soul’s guardians.” The king gives out a bottle of cure. Trixx takes it and keeps it. “ Thank you, we figure this out, now we need to find that human, it’s a relieves to see all of you fine,” Sean said that before they all dismissed. They left them and head to the ships.

“ Kay!” Trixx quickly goes for Kay after they arrive at the ship. She fed the cure to Kay and waits for a moment. “ Uhuks! Uhuks!” Kay regains her consciousness. She felt a little dizzy. “ You guys, I’m sorry…” she felt guilty as she did not come over fighting with the StrangSpirt. “ It’s okay Kay, we are done the mission, you may rest first.” Sean calmed her. Trixx nods to Kay, she also hugs her. It’s a relieves that Kay wakes up and cured. Trixx told what happens to the Kay as they are going back to Headow Palace today. Lisa saw them from afar on the ship. She has been silent these days. She smiled as she reminds Hellen, her best friend. It’s been a long day since she ever goes back to the human world.

They are back to the Palace. All of them tiring out for this first mission. Lisa already sleeps on the ship. Cecil doesn’t make a teleportation portal as he wants to take a long route this time. Most of them asleep. Only Sean and Cecil have been awake. Sean saw through Lisa’s. He felt that Lisa has some empathy and desire to help. See how she has the idea for not killing. This girl has a lot of hidden charms. Sean smiled. Now, they are heading back and need to report the condition to Agrada. It will be fun! As there are a lot of mission will be coming next!

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