8 Chapter 8: Retreat! No defeated…

Now, Lisa with Trixx and Kay. They wait for the others to come. They had no idea what happen to Thora and Cecil. However, thanks to Lisa, Trixx, and Kay be saved. Kay’s hurt so much rather than Trixx and she could not avoid the poisonous splinter at first but both hurt. Trixx got hurt when she fights one on one just now. “ What can we do? Kay’s is the healer in the team but now she’s unconscious.” Said Trixx. Lisa observed the surrounding. “ We need to find Cecil at least. He can imitate the abilities.” Lisa's logic seems edible. “ I will find them.” Lisa leaves with her teleportation to find Cecil. Trixx left with Kay’s on the ship.

Cecil and Thora have been captured by the whole StrangSpirt Tribe. They are brought to the main place while Sean, Leon, and Eileen been hurt by them. This is an unexpected situation as they set up a trap for them. The three heroes lay down as they been hurt and unconscious as they are under drugs. Cecil and Thora be the hostage and carried away. With Thora’s unconscious, Cecil can do nothing as he can’t duplicate her power yet. Cecil had never been trained with Thora before so, he did not get a chance to see and copy her abilities. Now, both are weakened as the StrangSpirt put a magic trick to them.

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“ They want to destroy us! They wronged!” the leader of the tribe yelled. They tied Cecil and Thora separately and in the middle of the place. It’s will be dark soon and the other could not find them. “ These souls are weak! Look at them! Been tied and unconscious both!” The leader again despises Cecil and Thora. Cecil already conscious and he just keeps an eye as it is not much, he can do it. “ Hey, hey little bugs…” Cecil whispered to his creation. There are a few bug’s souls and been summons by him. “ Go to that girl and wake her!” Cecil gives the orders quietly as he does not want the StrangSpirt souls find him awake. The bugs fly over the went to Thora’s place. The bugs absorbed into Thora’s skin and she gains her consciousness. She looks around and observed the situation. “ We’re caught?” said herself. Cecil shows signal languages asked her to stay low and waits for the right timing. Thora nods.

Lisa arrived at the last place they gather before the split to find Cecil. Suddenly, she saw a white soulless figure and it looks like Sean? She follows the figure's directions and leads her to the three of her friends that lying unconsciously. “ Oh no! Guys!” Lisa quickly go to Eileen and help her gain her consciousness but failed. ‘ Push your two fingers at their neck and smack a little their backs!’ Sean’s soul gave some tips. Lisa follows and does that to Eileen’s, and she awoke. “ Lisa…” Eileen correct her position. Lisa does to the same for Sean and Leon. All three of them woke up like had been long sleeping. “ They drug us and put some magic tricks,” said Leon. “ Sean, what is it just now?” Lisa was curious. Sean just smiles before he explains.

“It was Sean’s ability, one of him. He can split his soul from his body and so on, he can live a long life. Sean will not hurt unless both his body and soul altogether” Leon explained before Sean does. “ Hey, you’re exposing me!” said Sean. “ So, how?” Sean asked. Actually, he asked about Trixx and Kay. “ They are safe, now they inside the ship waiting for us but…”. “ Why?” Sean worried. “ Kay seriously injured as she got the poisonous splinter. So, we need Cecil to imitate her abilities in healing.” Said Lisa. “ Wait, where are Cecil and Thora…” Eileen asked. “ Erghh! They got them!” Sean realized that as he saw they captured two of them. “ We need to find them first.”. “ No, let’s go back to the ship first… this is the start!” Sean led the way to the ship. They need new strategies for this time. As for Kay, she has exactly 3 days before the poison becomes worst. This does not defeat yet. They retreat first to have a properly planned strategy for this mission.

“ We need to kill them! They got Cecil and Thora!” Trixx strictly said her opinion. Six of them have an emergency meeting on the ship. She got emotional as her best friend got injured and others' teammates being a hostage. “ Cool down Trixx. They also hard to deal,” said Leon. “ How about this…” Lisa speak up and stares at everyone. “ We need to deal and have some peace with them. Discussing and had a promise with them.” Lisa said her opinion. “ Are you sure? Is it can make it?” Sean asked back. “ You are unbelievable, they are dark spirit, Lisa!” Trixx got mad with Lisa’s idea. Lisa shakes her head and steps back. “ I think that the best idea, I have some info that StrangSpirt actually being masterminded and lured by someone.” Said her. “ What are you talking about? If the file and data from Agrada given and state that they are dark spirits, then they are!” Trixx still can’t accept the idea. “ Huh? You’re the problem. See this!” Lisa carries on with her ideas.

“ Leon!” Lisa asked Leon to show it to them. Leon opens his left palm and it shows the past chronologies that happen to the StrangSpirt Tribe. These souls actually a guardian of the firepit in the west forest of the kingdom, however, one day someone came over and said something that triggers anger to the leader of StrangSpirt. The leader got mad but end up being control by this black figure. So, this StrangSpirt under Blackmagic of the black figure. “ it’s GaMoon’s people!” Sean was aware of the black figure. Trixx and others surprised as they misunderstood. “ So, we can’t destroy these souls as they are actually Firepit Guardians,” Leon stated. “ Yes, exactly, or the firepit will exploded and harm all the souls in the kingdom and also the earth.” Sean continued. “ Why also Earth?” asked Lisa. “ All here is connected to the human world,” Trixx answers coldly. “ S, if they’re under Blackmagic, how we need to break them?” Lisa was curious. “ We need to find the sources!”. They continue to discuss the new strategies.

“ I saw them!” Thora suddenly speaks up. There is no one except for them in there. “ Shhhhh! Slow down, they might hear you…” said Cecil. “ Sorry, I saw them, they are coming here… I think they got a new plan” said Thora. Cecil nods as he understands the situation, “ we need to figure out to escape from here.” Said him. They can’t overuse their abilities as they got some magic from the enemies. If they are overuse it will harm them. “ You’re both awake!” suddenly a strange voice comes. It was one of StrangSpirt tribe guards. “ They are awake!” The guard shouted all over the place. Others are coming. The leader also comes. “ Weak souls!” said the leader to piss off them, but as usual Cecil is actually a calm guy. “ Why you do this? You are done!” Thora speaks, she is bold and short-temper. She tries to provoke them. “ Shut up! Lady. You know nothing. Guess you new in the team huh?” replied the leader. Thora pissed off.

‘ Cecil be calm and wait for us, we're coming… here the plan…’ Suddenly Cecil got some messages through his mind. It was Sean, he uses his telepathy abilities to communicate with them. ‘ Did you find anything strange on the StrangSpirt leader? They are masterminds and under someone's control, we need to find the source so that we can expel the magic.’ Explain Sean. Cecil starts to observe the leader as he is finding something. ‘ Remember, to stay down and don’t attract them okay, we are coming silently. To make a peace.’ Said Sean again. As their plan to free the StrangSpirt from being control and not destroy them. ‘Thora, please control your anger, they are not the fault, this mission seems complicated.’ Sean warns Thora. ‘ They are actually the guardian of the firepit here.’ Said Sean. Cecil and Thora shocked as the plot is twisted. They thought StrangSpirt was a dark spirit too. However, they are actually being masterminds. They lay down and start to cultivate their inner energy. As that is being ordered from Sean, the magic will be expelled from their body if they are cultivating. Now, they are waiting for the others to come.

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