7 Chapter 7: First Mission.

All together here, Trixx was the last person to arrive. They gather up at the Kelly Hall to discuss the mission. “ Alright, listen…” Sean starts to brief some ideas and details about the mission. Their mission was to go to the firepit at the west of the kingdom. There are some left out souls that were always disturbing the balance of nature. Their mission succeeds whether to let the left out souls or that are being called as StrangSpirt out from there or destroy them all. StrangSpirt is the souls have always disturbed human being at the day if there are human passing their spots. They are even called as dark spirits also but not as the devil as GaMoon souls’ tribe. “ So, we are going to start our journey there after this. Cecil prepared the transit.” Sean the order. They are about to go. Cecil quickly dismisses to set up their transit.

Lisa and others just preparing some weapons not, this is not an army. They just do some check-ups. “ Hey, three of you, take this…” Kay gave them a digital tech like a badge to each one. They take it and wear it. “ What is this?” Lisa was curious. “ It is our team emblem, and if you tap on it, it will be like this…” Kay shows some demo. She taps it and some Microtech wraps and change it into a team suit on your body. “ Wow! So cool, the team’s suit!” Eileen excited. Thora and Eileen tap on it. “ This suit will cover up your soul and energy, even if suddenly you need to go to the human world and chase them, this suit will make you invisible. Try it.” Explained Kay. Lisa taps on it and change. “ You look cool though!” Kay praised her. Lisa smiled. Looks like Kay also open up to her.

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“ Lisa, we need you!” Cecil called Lisa from afar. Lisa forwards it to him. Lisa impressed to see a huge spaceship. “ Wow, spaceship?” said Lisa. Cecil shakes his head. “ It may look like a spaceship but it’s not, this is universe transit ship. My own creature! It can be both and go anywhere.” Cecil explained. So, this is the ability of Cecil. He can build up anything in a flash. He creates everything unique. “ So, what’s up you call me?” asked her. Cecil gives meaningful smiles. “ Your power is teleportation, right? So, it a waste to go like ordinary humane. We need you to teleport this ship.” Honestly Cecil. “ Ermmm, I can teleport myself, but I don’t know how to teleport thing?” Lisa said it, she right that she doesn’t know how? “ Chill, I just need to see you teleport, and I can do it…” Cecil exposed more. So, another ability is to copy other's abilities and used them. “ Wow! your power great! I will show you!” Lisa teleports herself in a flash in front of Cecil. “ Col, I got it! Thanks, girl!” Cecil continues his job.

“ Hey, guys! Come on!” Cecil calls all as he finished his part. All of them on the ship and ready to depart. “ So, here I already copy Lisa’s ability… Teleportation!” Cecil brags and opens a portal and they depart. They arrived at the west forest of the Glaverstone Kingdom. “ All of you be careful! We will divide into two each.” Said Sean. Everyone nods. Lisa with Leon, Sean with Eileen, Thora with Cecil while Trixx with Kay as usual. They split up in four different directions. Not to alert the StrangSpirt about their arrival. Lisa follows Leon closely; she also beware of her environment as she never in this situation before. “ always remember Lisa, these souls may trick all of us okay?” Leon gave some advice. Lisa nods. As they informed us that StrangSpirt is a mischievous soul that may trick us with many types of illusions. They must stay alert.

They start walking into the deep forest to find the StrangSpirt. Each of them stays cautious. Trixx and Kay take a break after have a long journey, they have to wander around this three times but not a single thing got found. “ Kay… Watch Out!” suddenly a huge splinter comes attacks and Kay got no time to avoid it. She injured. “ They knew our arrival!” Trixx help Kay get up! “ Auch! It’s hurt!” Kay’s leg got bleeding too much if she moves. Even they are souls but when it’s come to soul’s world battle they would still hurt. “ Come! I will bring you to a safe place first!” Trixx helps Kay, they on the run right now and she must inform others. “ How, to tell them?” Trixx talks to herself. Suddenly, Kay fainted and lost consciousness. “ Oh! Kay! Kay!” Trixx can’t hold more as the StrangSpirt’s souls keep attacking and chased them. Trixx uses her ability and floats Kay to bring her along. Yes, her ability was able to float and controls her environments like telekinesis powers. She hides Kay first and then runs to let the StrangSpirt souls chased over her.

Sean and Eileen keep searching the StrangSpirt. They got weird as they did not find them yet, as it was something fishy. “ Eileen, do find anything trace?” Sean asked. “ No, it looks like there is nothing in this forest.” Eileen also figured that. “ I guess the other also felt weirds.” Sean speeds up his steps and Eileen follows him. Cecil and Thora in the same situation, they also had been wandering around the same place, but Cecil figured something. “ Thora, don’t you think we had been walking and searching at the same place?” he asked. Thora smells something suspicious. “ I think this is poison trick forest.” Said her. Cecil on thought. “ Yes, they tricked us since the beginning.” Cecil found out! “ We must alert all of them!” said him. “ They knew!!” a sudden yelling voice surprised Cecil and Thora! “ What?!” “ Thora, keep alert! They are here!” Cecil turns around. They are about to attack them.

Lisa stops follow Leon; she’s tiring out. “ Leon…” Zuupps! Suddenly, Lisa has been shocked as something got into her! Lisa saw something. No, she saw Trixx and Cecil groups had been in trouble. “ Lisa?! Are you okay?” asked him. Lisa falls after seeing the vision. She looks at Leon seriously. “ We need to find them! They all in danger!” Lisa worried. They quickly find the way to look for Sean and Eileen first! “ Sean! Eileen!” they found Sean and Eileen. Lisa told the situation. “ They knew we would come here! Let spears and search them!” Sean knew this is an emergency situation.

Trixx got injured, there too many enemies here! And she’s alone. She cannot call backups either to stay back. Trixx runs to hide first. However, sudden attacks come from behinds. One of StrangSpirt faced her. They got to battle one on one. “ Come find us huh?” The StrangSpirt soul asked. “ You are terrible!” Trixx provokes him. They fought each other. The bad soul attacks first however been avoided by Trixx. But then, Trixx lost her energy due to her injury. She fell on the ground after one strong kick. “ You are helpless now! Go die!” the spirit about to stab Trixx with his splinter but suddenly… Bushh! He is being kicked from the side and falls to the ground too. It was Lisa's come at the right timing. She knows that Trixx will be in danger if she follows the common path like others and then she teleports here. “ Got savior huh? Hiarghhhh!” the spirit is gone mad. “ Trixx come on!” Lisa grab Trixx and they disappear. In a flash, her power upgraded from time to time.

Trixx feels terrified but she chooses to silent. “ Where is Kay?” Lisa asked. They are far from the spirit just now. “ Come, I will show you…” Trixx leads the steps and they come to Kay who injured early. Now, they three in the cave hidden. “ What’s going on?” Lisa asked. “ The StrangSpirt already know our arrival and they set up a trap. So, This place actually their illusion already, we need to find the main spot.” Said Trixx. “ Now, let head back to our ship and wait for other, Sean and the other go to help Cecil.” Said Lisa. Trixx nods. They carried Kay together as she is unconscious. The splinter has a poison. They need to retreat first before continuing this mission. Now, they are heading back to the ship and wait for others.

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