6 Chapter 6: Get Along. One Team!

It’s been a few days after the incident of the competition that day. Other people's memories replacing with Bryan winning over Lisa. While Lisa gets to meet her idol and get along well. Even though she’s not the champion of the competition but it’s okay if she is the runner-up. As the second place is more fame than the champion. Lisa now more focused on her training as she informed that she has more ability unleash.

“ So, Lisa now you realized right?” Sean comes to greet her. Lisa nods. “ This is real. The future depends on me.” Said she. “ well, good for you… now you need to train with Cecil, remember him?” asked Sean. Lisa smirk. “ Of course, I do… My first kick, no I mean I’m being kicked by him!” she smiled. “ I think you get along well with Thora, Eileen and Leon… So, I guess Cecil too will be right?” Sean is curious. He was aware that the seniors like not getting along with her. He found that Lisa kind of how hard to get along with the strong egoist seniors like them. “ will see.” Short answer from Lisa before she leaves him behind.

Lisa gathers up with Thora and Eileen. These three always meet together in the training field. They are like three musketeers and also best friends. Eileen and Thora also discover up their ability. “ Hey, Lisa… Thora got new ability you know…” Eileen first comment. Lisa surprised happier. “ Wow, really? What is it?” she curious. Everyone got more than one ability depends on the soul. “ So, this happened when I got to practice with Trixx. Suddenly I got a vision of her behind her back and she’s got a weapon hidden. So, my new ability was I could see through an object 10X than usual eyes.” She said. “ Woah! That’s cool Thora…” The two girls listened and grateful for her.

Actually, in this extraordinary soul world, every soul has its own ability. However, every soul already has a common special power which is every light and good soul a read other minds and have 5X strength than a human. And to make that abilities stay is every soul need to cultivate and trained by Agrada, God of Armour. So, their place to train is here, in the Glaverstone Kingdom which so modern and has higher security environments. If they have a human body, they need to come here to train as this place is the uncanny soul world that had been here for a long time. Headow Palace is the main place for the top and trained soul to gather up where here there are guardians and Gods that guide the uncanny souls. And Lisa, has an uncanny soul in herself since her birth.


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The explosion happened in the training field. It was a part of their training. Lisa surprised by the sound while she’s just about to go to Cecil’s spot. “ What’s happening?” Kay and Trixx asked as they come to the site first. “ Uhuks, uhuks… Sean, I said to you not to move…” Leon comes out from the heavy smokes. It was a part of Sean and Leon's training. Sean was asked not to move while holding the beaker full of purple liquid that will exploitive if there are any movements. “ I’m sorry Leon! Let’s do it again” Sean gets up. They start again. “ Sorry to all” Sean and Leon apologize to others. Other starts to continue their activity again. Lisa continues to walk as she needs to practice with Cecil this time. She does not know much about Cecil but sure that senior also cold like others. She thinks that only Leon maybe easy-going with newbies.

“ You are late newbie…” Cecil greets with satire. Lisa walks awkwardly to Cecil. “ Sorry, so what I’m going to do with you, Cecil?” Lisa asked directly. “ Well, intentionally… I’m in charge to make sure you cultivate your common abilities…” Cecil opens up a little. He knew he should not be selfish as they are in the team. “ Common abilities?’ Lisa confused. Are there any abilities that common? “Yes, every uncanny soul in Glaverstone world has these common abilities. Reading minds and 5X strength…” Cecil explained. This girl might not know as she joined the forces rushed. “ Ohho! Okay! Note that, I never know.” Lisa smiled. “ So, today we are going to train your 5X strength first. So, shall we?” Cecil makes a posture as he will start a fight like competition. Lisa sighs.

“ Sure, I will follow up!” She does the same posture. They are about to start the practice. Lisa starts to yell. “ Hakk!” she shouts at the same time start to make an attack on Cecil. They start by attacking and avoiding each other. Cecil admits that Lisa actually an extraordinary soul. She even can hold and avoid all his attacks. Before this there only Sean and Leon who can stand his attacks. “ Pretty good, Lisa…” Cecil stops. Both breathe heavily as they train too much. “ It’s all your help…”. ‘ this senior look not cold enough. He just lay back less than Leon.’ Lisa had a thought. It would be easy for her to get along with Cecil too. Somehow Cecil also open up his space too.

Agrada called all the eight of them to the middle training field. Actually, they are the new generation team that being build up. But it takes a long time to just met them all up. Also, the reborn of Lisa also had been waiting. “ You know why I called all of you here… as one team?” Agrada asked. The other just stare at each other. “ We don’t know…” Lisa replied. Sean and Cecil shocks, even Sean does not have the courage to reply back. That girl really something- Lisa just shows a smile on her face. “ Lisa Castillo… I love your courage and clumsy action. So, here I want to ask you. Have you got along with other teammates?” headshot! Lisa speechless with her smile and stares at other's faces.

“ To be honest, not yet… but I will,” Lisa answered calmly. However, that answer being laugh by Trixx in silence. “ Trixx, why you are laughing?” Agrada can see through all her trainees. That’s been forgotten by her. “ I’m sorry but are you sure Lisa? You even don’t close with me and Kay yet!” Trixx teased again. Lisa hides her pissed-off feeling and throws an innocent look in front of others. “ Stop, so I have a mission for all of you. You need to accomplish this within one week. Sean…” Agrada left the files to Sean and leaves. Now, only them there. They keep looking at each other. “ So, I’m the only one who doesn’t get along with all?” Lisa spoke up. She feels this for the first time because, in the human world, she never gets awkward with strangers. Eileen and Thora nod. “ But I think we all don’t have teamwork and chemistry, yet right?” asked her. Sean sighs. “ You are right… because we never do a mission as a team…” replied Sean.

“ So, we need to get along okay, so come here tomorrow morning. We will discuss the mission.” Sean gave some speech. However, to let Sean finish his sentences, Trixx leaves with Kay. “ Both of you, please… stay! We are a team.” Sean been firm. “ What? I will come tomorrow to listen!” Trixx leaves. Only Kay stays for a while. “ Let, her be…” Cecil tries to settle down. “ Okay, Nothing much... Just tomorrow morning for more details. Dismiss.” Sean leaves. Lisa feels something wrong. Is it because of her? But as Sean said, they never do a team mission yet. ‘We need to get along, We are one team.’ Lisa said herself before she left the soul world.

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