5 Chapter 5: Exposure!

Lisa's first round went well. Now it is break time. “ Lisa seems like you will win this round too.” Mr. Holland coming. The second round competitors unexpectedly withdraw her round which means Lisa take the free ride to the semi-final. That’s mean it was her luck today! “ So, I need to know who’s my next competitor… She either ace or pro.” Lisa worried. Semi-final contestants will be stronger than regular rounds. Lisa has a lot of rest time now. She stays in her waiting room. All she does is lying no she's sitting and waiting for her next round. Suddenly she feels suffocated and has over-thinking about this winning point. But it was her luck to get a free ride to the next semifinal. Lisa closing her eyes while sitting on the chair in the waiting room. At the same time, the dream last night keep a ghost in her mind right now.

“ Lisa!”.

She opens her eyes and found that two familiar faces behind her as the mirror’s reflection. It is her captain and teammate. “ Sean! Leon!” Lisa startled by their surprising visit. “ Calm down! Okay, this is important, but you have an important day today…” “ So, Tugros asked both of us to come here and check on you…”. Leon and Sean take each other to explain. “ Okay, what is it?” Lisa asked. “ Leon! Show her!”. Leon opens his left palm. The last night's nightmare replay again. It was Leon's ability to illustrate past vision with his left hand. “ It was my nightmare?” Lisa still doesn’t get it. “ Vatorr , God of life awakes, and this is one of the GaMoon souls escape to the human world to find you. That’s why they can see and communicate with you in your own dream!” Sean explains. “ Yes, So, we are here to keep out from him.” Leon support Sean's explanation.

“ Wait? How you know that soul is him? A guy?” Lisa asked. This time Leon open his right hand. Then, it shows the illustration of the future vision. That’s what Leon can do. Having Past Future Vision. “ It’s him!”. Lisa speechless, “ This guy was possessed by the GaMoon souls. He will hurt you now or later.” Said Leon. “ Hey, girl it’s almost your turn, come on!” Hellen pop out from the outside to call Lisa as the semi-final about to start. “ Beware Lisa!”. “ I got it!” Lisa leaves the room and heading to the arena.

“ You have got the info, right? Semi-final doesn’t count gender so; you might be competing with a boy.” Mr. Holland came to clarify the new term in the competition. Lisa smiled. “ I know, they changed last minute huh?” said Lisa. “ Oh my gosh! Lisa, your competitor is him!?” Hellen freaks out as she saw the schedule. ‘Bai Ying from Haokan Karate Club, he’s also famous in their high school. “ Are you sure Lisa, you want to go through this too?” Mr. Holland consent with his principle. “ Sure, I need to meet my idols!” Lisa smirk. “ Break a leg dear!” Hellen cheer her up!

Lisa and Bai Ying meet in the center of the arena. It’s their showtime. This is not the first time Lisa fights with a boy but still competes with Bai Ying is the first time. They bow to each other as respectful before starts the game. Lisa’s glares change. She glares furiously as a tiger. She needs to win but also, she needs to control it. This moment is so stressful as both were ace in their club. This also Bai Ying's first time compete with Lisa Castillo. “ Hey, don’t take easy on me okay?” Lisa provokes Bai Ying first. Bai Ying smirks. “ I won’t take easy on girls too?” He starts to attack first but luckily been avoid. “ You’re pretty fast girl!” Bai Ying still could compliment her. “ Yes! Too fast!” This time Lisa throw a punch suddenly and that makes her get 2 points as the punch touch the shoulder. The referee makes a hand sign as once the attack succeeds there will be a break for a minute.

Ting! Ting!

The game starts again. “ You’ve got your point; well this time is my time!” without warning Bai Ying start to kick and it was a startle for Lisa. Then Bai Ying got double 2 points and she caught a punch by him. Bai Ying’s point above Lisa right now. 4-2. They stop again. Lisa gave dissatisfied stares to Bai Ying. ‘ Huh? Without warning yea? Dirty move!’ Lisa pissed off. They meet in the center again, Lisa already analyzes Bai Ying strategy, she relaxes as she saw the future vision! “ I’m going to win this round semi-final!” Lisa starts to do a high kick and double side kick furthermore she also throws side punch in a flash. Bai Ying didn’t predict this move from a girl. He loses this round. Lisa takes 5 points as her attacks all succeed! “ I’m already said!” Lisa gives her hand to help Bai Ying up. “ My bad to look down on you…” Thus, Lisa be the semi-final winner. Next, she will meet the GaMoon soul possession!

The reason Lisa need to win this round because she was speechless with the future vision by Leon in the waiting room. Bryan Pitt was possessed by GaMoon's soul. To get rid of that soul, she needs to destroy his inner self. And this might be accidents! So, the last game with Bryan takes precious things. “Why the GaMoon thing err, the soul had to possess my idol! Erghhh! So, ridiculous!” Lisa complaints. She is calming herself down. “ So, we have the winner from the semi-final, it will be her honored to compete with Bryan Pitt.” MC starts to brag again. So, it’s about time to have the final game. Lisa nervous but also determined as it was her idol after all. ‘ That GaMoon will end today!’ she talks to herself.

Lisa and Bryan finally meet in the middle of the arena. “ Oh, it was you lady? The one who bumps into me last time huh?” Bryan starts off. Lisa smiled. “ It was you bump into me…” replied her. “ My bad… So, why don’t I give you a head start?” Bryan's suggestion makes the audience laugh. Lisa remains cool. “ What’s the head start? I don’t need it!” Lisa starts the attack first. Like uncommon attacks, she’s hanging on Bryan’s back! Her hands already lock Bryan’s neck! “ Not bad girl!” Unfortunately, Bryan take her down hard! She is lying on the ground. “ Ouch!” This scene not like other games just now. The referee also panicking! What’s going on with Bryan! He lost his sane. “ Hey, hey!... “ the referee tries to stop the game but… Bumm! Bryan pushes the referee. The audience was panicky! Some tried to escape from the arena but…

Clack! Dark! The power supplier off!

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“ Sean! Leon!” Lisa calls them. “ Lisa! quick get his head!” Like a flash, Sean kick off Bryan's legs! Lisa get up and caught Bryan. She gathers all her strength to hold Bryan. Leon and Sean rush and surround them. “ Lisa! His head! Hold his head and summoned them!” Sean gave the order. With her strength, Lisa put her hand on Bryan’s head. She dominates the inner self and destroys them. Bryan collapsed. The power turns on. Other audiences already fainted as Sean does it before they saw this. “ We need to erase their memories!” said Leon. “ But how?” Lisa asked. “ Kay…” Kay comes out nowhere. “ Kay, please erase and replace their memories…” Kay’s ability is to erase and manipulate memories and it’s also a part of her power. “ I’m done my part…” Kay dismissed. “ Lisa, go back to your home and rest! Remember! Don’t let the dream again… it was you who’s control it.” Sean advises her. Lisa nods.

She now realized how important her role now. She must control her dream again.

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