4 Chapter 4: Controlling Figured Out!

Hush! Hush! Hush!

Lisa’s breathing while practicing her Karate move. She’s determined right now. After met with Bryan last weekend, she decided to win this competition so that she could meet again with him. “ What’s wrong with her, Hellen?” Keith, one of their companions in Karate Club asked. Hellen gives a big smile. “ She’s got her spirit after met with her long-term idol,” replied Hellen. “ Wow! That’s the reason she’s high determined this time… Good luck both of you!” Keith left. “ Lisa! Get rest first!” Hellen called her best friend to stop awhile. Lisa stops and sits next to Hellen. She drinks water. To be honest, she’s exhausted. “ Hey, why you do not practice?” Lisa was aware that Hellen slacks off these days. Hellen grinned. “ It’s doesn’t matter, I need to rest for this time, I’m sorry Lisa…” Hellen told the truth.

A broken truth has been told. Lisa still thinking about what Hellen told her just now while she went home. Hellen had injured since the last competition with her. So, one of her muscle need to rest and she’s in progress now but Hellen hides it from Lisa and keep accompany her went to training and Karate Club. But, for this competition, she can’t make it as her muscle’s injured become worst and need to rest. Lisa felt guilty as she rushes Hellen to join. She already apologizes to her. Luckily, Hellen not blaming her. “ Don’t worry, I will always support you okay,” Hellen’s words gave her strength. Lisa determined this time she will do all her best!

“ So, how about that girl? She found out how to control her power?” Trixx asked Sean. She had a few dissatisfied with Lisa. Sean smirk. “ Just wait for a few moments Trixx, don’t mess up with her!” Sean knew what’s Trixx planning. She will keep annoyed and teased Lisa so that girl will never keep up with her. “ Why you can’t stop me… I want to see how much her power!” Trixx left and start her training. Sean keeps an eye on Lisa that she is trying her best to figure out how to control it.

‘ I need to control this ability! I have to!’ Lisa talked to herself. No, it was her inner self keep minding her to control her teleportation ability. Suddenly, Lisa teleport and she pop out nowhere in front of Sean. “ No, No…” again she teleports and pops out next to Leon who’s practicing with Eileen. ‘ Back to the first time place!’… Jjang! She back where she’s starting. “ Lisa?” Sean called her. Lisa smiled. “ I know it!” she yelled out loud. Lisa rush goes to Sean. She needs to report her progressing to the captain! “ It’s my inner self! I need to listen to me! And give it out all my heart!” Lisa explained. Sean nods. He admitted all the efforts actually from their own inner self. “ You’re right! So, keep on training, this is only your first ability, Lisa!” said Sean and he left.

After figuring out the controlling method, Lisa takes a break. She’s thinking. Lately, she had not dreamed about a weird dream or future like before this. She found this also seem suspicious. Lisa decides to meet Oerin and Tugros for her curiosity. “ Oerin! Oerin! I need to talk!” Lisa calling for Oerin. “ What’s wrong my girl?” Oerin shows up. “ Why I don’t dream about GaMoon anymore?” she asked. Oerin takes a few steps. “ It’s not anymore, Lisa. It’s you, you block the dream as you focus on your soul right now. You defend the seal of GaMoon. It’s a good thing as GaMoon Tribe doesn’t know who you are yet. So, you still can defend the seal!” Oerin answered her question. “ What you mean?”. “ That’s also your ability…” Oerin sighs.

Lisa can’t sleep. She’s still has a thought about Oerin’s said. Why she has various abilities? Lisa gets up from her bed. She goes to her study desk. She opened her laptop and typing ‘ Meteor shower’. The Meteor Shower happens in close conjunction with the new moon. Suddenly, she strikes with thinking is this really happening. People will say she’s insane. But due to her experience, this is real. So, there are predicted Meteor Shower happening this year. “ No, for now, my competition is the prioritize right now!” Lisa close her laptop and went to bed.

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‘ It’s dark again! I know where this is! GaMoon Tribe!’ She walks along the dark pathways. Keep searching for a light! And, she heard someone talking. “ There is a girl that will break and led us to the Human’s world!” “ And, she also can destroy all of our tribe!” Two dark souls talking with each other. She slowly walks to listen more! Keep tracking where the voice leads to. “ Yeah, she’s nearer now! Where you are going!” Suddenly the red-eye appears and that’s shocking her! “ No!” Lisa had a nightmare again. She woke up from the dream again. “ What kind of dream that? Why they can see me?” Lisa talks to herself. Lisa gets up to the bathroom to wash her feet and face. She needs to sleep more as tomorrow is an important day.

Vatorr, God of Life open his eyes! It’s been a long since his awakening! “ Oerin! Tugros!” he called other gods. “ Vatorr! You awake!” Tugros surprised. If God of life awakes that’s mean… “ GaMoon. One of GaMoon souls already escapes and lives in human’s world.” Oerin whispered. “ Tell others to watch out! That soul might be trying to hurt that girl.” Vatorr warns the others. “ I will,” Tugros will summon the soul of the other to warn them out. “ Everyone needs to be careful. One of GaMoon’s soul escapes to the human’s world. Sean, Leon… you two go there tomorrow and keep an eye for Lisa.” Tugros ordered. Both just follow as they already know. Leon and Sean also gifted soul that has human figure or body. “ Keep alert!”

It’s finally the day! HIGH KICK KARATE COMPETITION DAY! Lisa alone in the waiting room. Her mum can’t attend again this time but she never minded as she knew her mum also busy. Lisa waits for Hellen. Hellen promised to come for cheering her! “ Are you ready Lisa, it will be your first round with Tina from Klatt Karate Club.” Coach Holland gives the schedule. Basically, there will be 3 rounds, if Lisa wins 2 over 3 rounds, she will move to the semi-final and if she wins the semi-final, she will meet Bryan as her competitors. “ Lisa!” Hellen comes. They hug each other. “ You can do it! I trust you, dude!”. Now the first round about to start. Lisa already warming up! She’s ready! “ Lisa Fighting!”. Lisa comes out of the waiting room and walking to the arena as all competitors are there. She’s determined. To continue this path and also want to meet her idol. She has to win. What’s more, she already knows how to control her power in the human world so that she won’t be exposed. Lisa is confident in herself.

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