31 Chapter 31: You Won’t Die!

Lisa come back to the human world to get her dreamcatcher that given by Hellen. She enters her bedroom and searches for it.

“ This is it!”

She found it. Lisa take that thing and come out from her house at the back door. She headed to the Uncanny Soul World.

Lisa put the Dreamcatcher on the glass scale in front of the gods. They need to make a ritual to eliminate the vibes that ghosting Lisa with her own nightmares. In a second, Lisa also collapsed there right away after the ritual starts.

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“ Take her and lay her there…”

Oerin gave the order. Owen quickly takes his bride to the pouch beside the glass scale. They continue the ritual.

“ Owen, we need your energy too…” said Agrada.

Owen, who understand it went to the glass scale and take out something from inside him.

“ It was the Aqua Gem Heart!”

Owen put it beside the Dreamcatcher, and he collapsed too! He’s not totally faint but he’s doing cultivation there.

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