3 Chapter 3: Unplanned Encounter.

It’s been a week since the practice with carrying the waterbucks again and again. As for today, Lisa doesn’t have any interest to go to that kind of world. She felt terrified. Who’s know, Leon might ask them to carry the waterbucks again. “ Honey, the school bus is here!” Mrs. Castillo calls for her daughter. Lisa quickly went to school. “ Bye, mum!”.

“ Hellen!” Lisa goes to her best friend. She still does not tell her friend as that might be sound ridiculous fantasy. “ Heyyo! Lisa are you ready?” Hello asked. Lisa freak her face. “ Ready for what?” She in the blank. Hellen pulled out something from her schoolbag. A fancy flyer catch Lisa’s eye. ‘ HIGH KICK KARATE COMPETITION’. “ Oh gosh! This is Bryan Pitt Competition dude!” Lisa excited. Bryan Pitt was her idol in the Karate world. He was a young talented man that could do a high kick in every move in karate. “ I know you are his fan so, it’s your chance, take this and asked Coach Holland to register it for you!” Hellen already aware of her best friend and take this gold. “ You! Come Here!” Lisa hugged her in gratitude. She can’t wait to participate in this competition.

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Last class’s bell rang! Lisa and Hellen rush to their Karate Club Room. They are excited all the way. “ Coach! We’re here!” Lisa high voice shocks everyone in the room that are practicing. “ Wow! Lisa, Hellen, it’s kind of speechless to see both of you here early.” Their Coach teased them. “ Coach, we knew we always late, but the hero doesn’t wait right? Kekekkeek” Lisa replied. Coach Holland just shakes his head, there nothing can do with these kids. “ So, what’s the matter? You seem excited.”. Lisa gives out the flyer. “ You want to join this competition?” Mr. Holland asked. Lisa nods. “ Not me only, together with Hellen!” said Lisa. Hellen surprised. “ Wait? What!? No, no I can’t” Hellen refused. “ Why? You also ace in these kick moves.” Lisa encourage her. “ But, but… I…” She stutters while stares at Lisa. “ Believe me, you can do it!” Lisa smiled.

“ Okey, I will register both of you, so you all need to practice more!” Mr. Holland stressed the practice word. Lisa grinned. “ Yes, sir! Come on we start practice, Hellen!” They move to change their clothes. For her chance to join and meet Bryan Pitt she seem to be an enthusiastic person. And, she forgot to go to the Glaverstone Kingdom for today. While practicing Karate with Hellen, ‘ Lisa!’ Some whispering voice comes in. Only her heard that! Her focus distracts! Hellen kicks her and she falls. “ Lisa! I’m sorry…” Hellen realized that Lisa is not on guard. “ No, I’m fine… Let’s continue again…” Lisa get up. ‘ Lisa! We need you here! Right now!’ This time she knew this is Sean’s Voice! The captain! “ Ermm, Hellen I need to go… So, bye! Bye!” Lisa dismissed from the practice. She goes home.

Lisa already in front of her bedroom. “ Haere ki roto!” and she opened the door. She already in front of the Headow Palace. That’s kind of trick that easy to go to the world that be taught by Leon. Lisa quickly go to the training field. All others gather there. Only her the one who late. “ I’m sorry for late coming…” Lisa slowed down her voice. Furious stares from Sean scared her. “ All can dismiss. Keep training. You, Lisa practices with me today!”. Sean's statement startled Lisa. Lisa follows up Sean's step. “ Are you serious? Not with Leon today?” Lisa feels excited as she escaped from Leon's boredom. “ Yes, are you that curious?” Sean asked.

Both face each other. In this scene like a Karate, athlete wants to compete again each other. “ Wait, you want me to fight with you?” Lisa asked. “ Yup, I see that you think you strong enough right?” Sean wants to test Lisa. “ Huh? I am…” Lisa slightly gets her position. Sean also is shaped and alert. Without warning, Lisa starts off by pull a punch at Sean. Unfortunately, Sean avoids, and he went behind Lisa’s back. She missed the first attack. Quickly she turns around. For this round, Sean only avoids all Lisa’s attacks. He does not attack at all. “ Your attack all weak! I can avoid it easily…” said Sean while he sees Lisa like out of breath. Lisa grit her lips. She needs to make sure her attack went well. Lisa breath in tries to relax. “ Who’s said I’m weak!”

All sudden, Lisa did a teleport without knowing and Sean also surprised. Lisa kick Sean’s back as she does the teleportation. Sean fall. Lisa speechless, what’s happening. Lisa stops attacking. Sean gets up and clap for Lisa. “ I knew it, you also figure outright?” Sean smiled. Lisa tilts her head, thinking. “ Actually, without realized, you already leash out your ability. I found this last week when you keep walking around.” Sean explained. “ You mean, my ability is teleportation? That’s absurd but that’s also cool.” Said Lisa. “ Yes, but still you need to be careful… your first unplanned encounter with your ability may endanger you,” Sean warns his junior. “ Why?” “ Did you figure out, or are you realized you are teleport just now?” He asked. Lisa opened her mouth. “ You mean, This ability not in control, and I might use it in my human world? And that’s so dangerous?!” Lisa seems like understood. Sean nods.

Rest time. Lisa sighs heavily, Eileen and Thora reach her. “ What’s wrong Lisa?” Eileen first asking. “ Hey, Eileen, you already knew your ability?” Lisa asked. “ Yes, just now, I figure out that I can be vanished anytime and control the water.” Replied Eileen. “ Wow! That’s cool!” Thora complimented her. “ Yeah, sounds cool, I think my ability not cool!” Lisa sighs. “ What’s yours?”. “ Teleportation only!”. Eileen and Thora laughing. “ I know it is absurd right?” Lisa frowning. “ No, I think you must not know this… it’s your first ability okay?” Thora's facts make her thinking. “ You are special, think about it…” Lisa sighs again. She stares at the sky… All she needs to do now is to control this power. If she can not control it, she will be exposed.

Human’s World

Lisa keeps thinking about how’s she going to control her ability in teleportation so that she will not discover as monsters or mutants maybe. She’s lying on her bed. It’s over dinner time. Her mum comes in. “ Lisa, you’re not sleeping yet?” Mrs. Castillo asked her beloved daughter. “ Not yet, mum… why?” Lisa gets up to sit down. “ I heard you apply to join the Karate competition this year… again right?”. “ Yes, um, you know that I really want to meet Bryan Pitt as he is my idol,” Lisa explained. “ Yes, I know, be safe okay, no injured anymore! Good luck…” Mrs. Castillo worried about her daughter. “ Thank you mum!” Lisa went to bed.

The competition day getting closure. Lisa somehow completes a few practices. However, she still did not figure out to control her teleportation ability. She really needs to. Lisa walks alone in the middle of the city; she’s waiting for Hellen as today is their cheat day. Someone bumps into her. “ Oops! I’m sorry lady…” the guy apologizes to her. Lisa speechless. It was “ Bryan Pitt?” her slow voice. “ You know me?” Bryan asked. The blue-eyed guy with dimple smiles and he are still young somehow 21 years old. Lisa is still silent. “ Girl? Are you okay?” again he asked. “ Oh, yes, I’m fine…” Lisa corrects her blouse. “ Bryan! Come on! We are late!” Some other boy groups calling him. “ I’ve got to go… Sorry again miss…” Bryan rush went to his groups. Lisa smiled this is an unplanned encounter!

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