20 Chapter 20: Untold Story pt. 2.

After the fan meeting event ended, the members of STARRY went to their dormitory except for Stanley because she hangs out with Perry for a while.

“ You made it…” Perry praised her.

“ I know, Perry?” Stanley called for her.

“ If anything happened t me, please… please believe me…” suddenly she changed the mood.

Perry giggles as she thought Stanley just jokes with her. Or maybe she’s still nervous being a superstar. Perry stared at her.

“ You are my twin sister, my siblings, my family… of course I will believe in you… Listen… I will always there for you… it’s only us… you are the only my family…” Perry encouraged her and also her word touched her heart.

Stanley smiled and enjoyed the coffee.

“ But, there’s something else right you want to say?” Perry asking.

Stanley gave the meaningful gaze before she continued.

Ying and Kira were busy cleaning their body and take a bath before they went to sleep. It was an exhausting day, is it? Stephanie finished her turn and she laid down in the living room. She’s waiting…

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Stanley finally came into the dormitory. It was late at 12.01 a.m. Perry sends her back just now, she’s ready to face Stephanie and Kira. As she steps in, Stephanie already waiting for her. Stephanie gave her a hatred glare. While she just walks in with a cold face and tries to ignore Stephanie’s glares. However, Stephanie stands up and walks toward her, tried to ban her from walking into her room.

“ Tiring out? Want to rest?” Stephanie asked with the annoyed tone of her voice.

Stanley gave a stare to her, she tried hard to hold her anger too but then…

Stephanie grabbed her hair suddenly and pull her backward! Stanley can’t fight back.

“ You dare to fight back! Take this!” Stephanie brought her to the kitchen sides and push Stanley’s face into the dog’s bowl that full of the dog’s leftover. Not only that, but she also pushes Stanley hard until she fell. On the floor. Stanley hurts and dirty. However, Stephanie still not satisfied with her action and she kicked her hard at her stomach and back. Stanley doesn’t have a chance to fight back.

“ This is what you deserved for daring to push me earlier!” Stephanie pissed off. She threw dirty and smelly water at Stanley. She also threw some dishes and broken.

This does not end like that; Stanley gathers all her strength to stand up. She wants to fight back and pay Stephanie for all she did to her. Stanley grabbed Stephanie’s hair this time. She wants to repay her! She fights back and grabbed her hair hard as she also pissed off. She loses her patient already! The noise of these two attracts Kira and Ying from their room.

“ Hey… Hey…” Both of them tried to calm them. Kira pulls Stephanie while Ying takes on Stanley. Stanley breathe hardly because she’s hurt and tired!

“ Stop it!” Ying stopped the argument.

There a peace for a while. Stephanie keeps glared at Stanley. She’s still in anger! However, Stephanie doesn’t stop there! She took the knife right beside her!

Kira shocked by Stephanie's drastic action!

“ I’ll kill you!” said Stephanie and she stabbed Stanley.

Stanley who let her guard down already bleeding. She falls on the floor while holding her stomach.

“ What are you doing Stephanie!?” Ying shocked and grabbed Stanley.

“ Quick! Called the ambulance!” Ying yelled. Stephanie also surprised with her action, her hand full of blood.

But she’s standing up with a smiling face.

“ Let her be!” Stephanie said that. She even warned Kira not to call the ambulance!

“ It’s been a long I want this girl dead! You! Shut up your mouth!”

Stephanie even makes Ying not telling anyone. She cleans up the mess.

“ Come and help us move her body now! Or you’ll be the scapegoat of mine!”

She threats Ying, they moved the body to the dormitory roof. Ying only can obey her words. She felt guilty.

“ Wait! She’s alive!” Ying was sure that Stanley was still alive when they arrived at the rooftop.

“ Shut up!”

“ Push her!”

And there is nothing she can do…

They push her from the high place!

Ying can see that Stanley stares and sympathy with her. ‘ Stanley…’

Stephanie grinned, she achieved her longing to eliminate Stanley Marguerite. Then, she called her aunt, Chairwoman Nita. She told the story and gain sympathy from her aunt! She’s said she’s not guilty and scared! While Kira and Ying whose know the truth remain silent. They did not dare to say anything. Chairwoman Nita comforts her niece and took her to the hospital as she said she trauma by the incident!

“ Tell me the truth! You, intentionally right?”

Stephanie burst into a laugh. She stares at her aunt and nods.

“ What are you thinking?! Outrageous!” at first she mad.

But then, Stephanie gave an innocent and scared look.

“ I’ll cover you… Just stay innocent okay!”

So, the case was announced as a suicidal case. Chairwoman Nita covers it and pays some officers to fake the forensic report of Stanley Marguerite. At the funeral, Perry was looking at her twin sister’s body. The pale and unfair body was laying in there. That was her last glance at her sister. Ying, the only one who comes to the funeral until the end. She’s felt guilty. If only she could save her at that time.

Even the case wrapped as a suicidal case and closed, Perry believed that her twin sister does not commit suicide. This is because that night she said to her…


“ You know why I’m leaving to the dormitory? This is it…” Stanley showed her bruised hand and her loss hair.

Perry was speechless. Her sister being bullied. How come?

“ If I stayed with you longer… the more they will bully and hit me… It’s stressing me out! But I hold it to make my debut… and if anything happened to me… please…please don’t believe them! They are all related… I love you, that’s why I leave you and stay on my own…”

Stanley told her all that’s happening to her during the trainee time. How she was bullied. How she was discriminated against. How she was been isolated by another trainee. There’s even a bad rumor about her. Perry empathizes and feels her heart, she’s felt sorry because she can’t even help her sister.

Perry cried at the funeral, she’s sad, terrible, and guilty. She could not save her own sister! And she lost her now…

“ They need to repay for what had they done!”

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